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First Heart Break - Get HAPPY

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Honestly I went through my first heart break about a month ago...and I still cry every day. Man that guy was perfect..I loved him with every ounce of my heart. Almost 2 years of love all down the drain.
I cant even hear the word, "Ohio", without almost busting into tears. I probobally wont ever find anyone like him again. He honestly made me he happiest. I gave up all my bad habits to make him happy.
We did some crazy stuff...all the time. Most of all I missed the crazy things he said. He litterally left them running through my head. I find myself crying right now remembering all the stuff we talked about. I miss the funny facts he always used to teach me. I miss his cute and sexy southern accent...but most of all I miss is the I love yous...I never here that anymore.
Its hard to talk to him anymore. All we do is text or talk for about 10 minutes then stop for a day or two. It really hurts knowing that someone else will soon be making him happier than me. Someone else will be holding his hands :'(. I guess its selfish of me to think like this. Its near impossible to move on.

But that's life ya know. I'm surprised I cried over someone...I'm surprised he madebit through my walls.


Dear Brenden

Heart break isn’t a good thing, I had my heart broken a few times and each time seems like the LAST. Then all of a sudden you meet someone else and the smile returns to your face. My saddest day was losing a dear friend to an illness and it’s been a year and I still cry daily for her. Then I met Carol and although I feel sad at times, she makes my life more bearable now. She makes me laugh and we sometimes cry together for she too loved Renee’.
Crying isn’t a bad thing sweets, the tears wash the soul, and although your heart is sore right now, there is someone waiting to make you happy.
I am here should you wish to share some tears or some smiles with.
Be BRAVE angel


I am also sorry for the loss of your friend, and I'm glad you found someone else. That's great . And thank you for being here for me. It is just hard ya know. I cant wait for someone to come and help me a little more. I have a friend Ruby, shes been in a lot of pain lately so I'm worried. I know she will be okay though. I git her side through everything.

I'm also here for you if you need to talk. I promise. Thank you for your kind words!


if you don't risk your heart been broken you miss out on so much,if i hadn't been dumped and my heart stomped on i wouldn't have found my sarah, she picked me up dusted me down and loved meeeee, first as a friend then as so much more i have never been happier in my life and because of it i can look back now with fond memories instead of heartache,to love is to get your heartbroken until you find the one who will protect it not break it xxxx


You are a wonderful, loving person. and I am sad to share this with you, that sometimes we love someone so much, that the "heartbreak" is a badge of honor in a way. And it will still lit upon the alter of our heart forever, because, we gave them a part of us, that can never be given or taken back.

Above everything else, being human is a bit awkward at times.

Your heart is a light, that shines, and we must always be on our guard against people who are just jumping at the chance, not so much as to break our hearts, they just see others as a notch on their belt.

I am in no way talking about your friend, I can't because I do not know him.

We will if we are lucky, love a lot of people in our lives. Each one will never be the same as another.

Each one will help us grow into more loving people, if we allow the pain to teach us, that the reason we hurt so badly is because we loved much.

It is proof that we have a heart, and that we love.

There are many people, who choose not to love any one, ever. They see it as a weakness, some even see it as a kind of sickness.

So they are always mean and ugly and makes anyone who they meet, makes them wish that they had walk in the other direction.

They are scared of love, because they can not bare to have their heart broken, so they never give anyone a chance. And that is (In my opinion), true weakness, because it makes them less human

I am quite old now, and I will share this with you. All the men, people I have ever loved, i will always continue to love each and everyone of them, because I know no other way.

Some songs I hope will help you as they have helped me:

IN MY LIFE - Bette Midler (Lyrics)




Lara Fabian - I will love again


Josh Groban - You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) [HQ]


Celine Dion & Il Divo I Believe In You


Savage Garden - Crash And Burn


jay brannan - "housewife" official video


Jay Brannan - "Can't Have It All" -- OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!!!


Libera ~ Lullabye (Goodnight my Angel)


Well, I tend to over do it when I am reaching out to others in pain, but I love that part of me that makes me emphatic, and I would never change that about me.

Get Here (if you can) - Oleta Adams


Chaka Khan - Through the fire


Brenda Russell - Piano In The Dark


With love your friend Andre~ I hope this helps somehow

Now for some fun!

Jacksgap REVERSE



@ Amy: I guess you're right. . Finding someone that can put your heart back together must be amazing and I'm glad you found someone that you love again. I hope you two have a great relationship.

@ Andre. Honestly the songs and how nice you ar made me cry Haha. Honestly you are very wise. That exactly how some people are. You just have to get inside some of them to make them feel good. That's awesome how you still love them. I too try and keep the relationship (as friends) going on only to hope we might yet again be back together, or I still have contact. Thank you both


It is really sweet that you thank us, but truth be told we are thankful for you, because being there for others, is the bond we call "family".


Try Telling it 2 them so called Human Beings in The Chat Room.


I know what you mean, some people are just mean from the get go they are insecure so they end up being cheeky, because they think that being civil and nice, is a weakness, but again truth be told, we can see right through them.

Someone from Norway called me a B- rhymes with itch because I asked the question what does timing out in a chat room meant? his callous response was "Biiiiiiiiiiiitch,...............................please!"
I am sorry but if he was right in front of me, he would end up being a spot on the wall! It's also happens a lot because we are older and they want to control the chat room and chase us away, so just report them and be done with it.
People come here for support, not to be crapped upon.

I have notice a alarming trend in our community, where we are the first, to scream fowl when someone bashes us, but we don't see it when we do it to someone else or each other.

Kinda dumb actually.

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