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Gay dating websites - Gay Guys! <3

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I thought the whole idea of trying to find someone to date over the internet is to get to know them. Honestly, I don't give a shit about your dick size. Yeah, it's nice to know that you have an 8 inch dick in your pants or that your cut/uncut, or how you practic having sex. I just want to get to know a man of what he's like. Not what he would be like if we were to jump into bed with each other. Isn't there a gay dating website where it's completely free and they don't worry about that kind of shit? I would be shocked if there was.


sorry connor but in my experance its out there its all about what your wearing and how big i take it thats like on the net


OMG...thank you for bringing that out!


Wed., Nov 7th, 12, 15:30 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Hey Connor - Points Well Put. Most
Sites its Mostly SEX and Anything Else
is an After Thought Really. Sure Its
Nice to Get Your Rocks Off With a Guy,
but There is More Then Just Sex, or
Doing Drugs or Going to Gay Bars to
Get Drunk or Impaired and You Don't
Know Where You are the Next Morning
etc or Use Someone for a One Night
Stand so You can Have Bragging Rights
You Got it Off with a Guy Last Night
Woopy - So What.
Going Out on Dates Just Isn't for Sex.
Its So You Can Go Out With Frank, Bill,
or Harry and See What You Have in
Common - Interest Wise and or Non
Interests and Go From There. Sex Can
Wait and When Both Parties are Ready
for Sex, Then Yes it Happens and It
can B Enjoyable etc, Without Being Used.
Most Gay Dating Sites Charge $1/Day so
Add it UP and Its Like $360/Yr. Per Site.
Are They Worth It? Big FAT - NO. Lots of
Those Gay Sites Promote Pornos so You
Really Have to Ask Yourself What You
Really Want , - so You Can Really "Get Your
Monies Worth and MORE"
Thanks Group,


Wow, that was well said Andrew. Thank you, lol. Nice point.


check out plentyoffish.com


I have found that a lot of guys on many of the dating sites are more interested in Mr. Right Now rather than Mr. Right. Unfortunately many of the guys who say they are interested in an LTR are the scammers. So yes it does seem like a jungle out there.


Well said and very true. Who really cares.


a good point but in my experience i have had loads of people who have said they want to meet me or get to know me but have let me down i have only met one person in ten years on the internet and that did not go well but i am the same as you i like to get to know people first so you are not on your own there are people who feel the same way you just have to find them good luck xx


it,s nice to find someone that you really like and not have to have sex with and just be a buddy to talk to which is hard sometimes if they look like taylor lauter from that vampire movie


Yes i have also tried that Plenty of Fish as well .

On there you will find that there will be a lot of
married guy`s coming on to you ...... LOL xxx


hi guys,
in defense of sex....
we are human men. it is our nature to be horny all the time, to be thinking of sex all the time. we come from the animal world. our closest relations are chimpanzees, with whom we share 97% same genetics (less difference than between the turkey and the chicken).
thats the animal in us, that happens regardless of what you would like.
the human in us tho frequently truly believes that the path to love is found in sex.
and many times indeed raw sex can lead to true love.


@Pancho ..........
Vary,vary,well said there ...... lol xxx


Well i guess That's why i am Like A Rabbit. Erm


Vary good Richard, Ha,ha,ha............. lol xxx

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