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check your ash tree - Get HAPPY

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don't know where to put this warning but if you have an ash tree growing in your garden or you like walking in the woods please check for ash dieback fungus
look out for 'brown or black leaves, hung on the tree like it has been hit by a frost'.

In the early stages, leaves begin to wilt, before turning brown as the lead stem also becomes discoloured.

People should also look out for discoloured stems which begin olive green, but turn purple and brown further up in infected areas.
Diamond-shaped lesions are also a key symptom on stems of infected trees, as this shows where the fungus has got into the main trunk.

Ash dieback, or chalara, causes leaf loss and crown dieback - the dying of branches and branch tips - and can lead to the death of the tree

this disease is destroying the ash tree in scandanavia ,parts of europe and is now in britain


Yep, we are getting this Ash Disease all over Ireland.


Wow, that's sad. It's like the spruce beetle that has killed out almost all the beautiful blue spruces in N. California along with the pine beetles killing the pines. Our problem is we haven't had the long cold winters that normally kills the buggers


Aye, i am afraid that we will be Losing,
Millian`s ( not thousand`s ) of these trees
in the end .........
A cryiing shame ............

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