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Momma Kat - Your WRITES

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she lies dying
swaddled in a blanket
by my side night and day.

Seventeen years
of love and affection
winding down to oblivion.

I gently pet
the regal crown
that contours her head.

She has faded
for the last two months,
a spring winding down.

She is fading
like an old photograph.
sepia into black and white.

The thickness
of her agile muscles
have become paper then.

She painessly
suffers only the frailty
of her advanced age.

Her work
of a lifetime has
come to a finish.

nted stray
dumped off on the street;
betrayed, unloved, scared.

She is so sweet.
Why would anyone just
kick her to the curb?

Six months old
and pregnant, caught on
her first heat, ruined.

I take her in
unaware of her state
because she seems so lost.

She gas six,
huge kittens on her
very first litter, amazing.

She looks like
death will claim her
from her exhausting travail.

I leave nourishment;
can cat food and milk fortified
with karo syrup, hope for the best.

She lives, a fastidious
and caring mother, devoted
to her large, first brood.

She gets to keep
one kitten, Zimna.
and mothers her all these years.

Seventeen years
but now the well
ofmtime is running dry.

She fades like
an old painting
before my very eyes.

Our bond
will never break
even as she moves on.

The next plane
of existance waits
for her next journey to begin.

I wonder if
our souls will ever
meet again in ascending planes.

She has given me
delight with her personality
and memoriesfor all eternity.

I tell her that,
she was a good mother
and that her work here is done.

Now we must part,
she onto whatever waits
and me to face lonelier days.

sweet angel,
I already miss you.


What a beautiful but emotion poem!!!


Thanks Ella, I still miss Momma Kat to this day. They all break my heart when it is time to move on to the next existance.


Thanks for this Tristram. What a beautiful, heartbreaking poem. I sometimes think cats know secrets.


I am sure that they do. I had one cat who used bring home strays with him. I had nine cats one time, two cats each for me and my kids. I find them fun, amazing and intelligent, and sometimes a little spooky, but that is their charm. I'm glad you appreciated my work and how much I loved Momma.

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