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I keep dreaming finding a baby, a baby being given to me. Sometimes the baby sex is revealed sometimes not..

Different outcomes with baby, for example: one baby I bring home, mom gets upset tells me to return or dispose of baby. In other she let's me keep it.

Baby, comes with his own life expenses (money) the mother is forced to feet ride of baby, so hands me baby. States I can't raise him but I'll maintain him. Take this card and I'll deposit x amount of $. Just because I can't raise him, he doesn't have to go out....

Baby gets left behind my car. Almost run it over,or baby gets dropped off I the middle of freeway.. I stop and pick up baby before it gets run over.

at some point, I go to police station to return baby, report baby, and sometimes I keep baby?

When I keep baby, my gf and her two kids stay under one roof.
Or I raise baby on my own.
Cause at some point my grandmother gets in to my mothers head...why is your daughter raising a baster child.

I love kids but i'm not the mommy person. And the whole pregnancy terrifies me.
Anyone else having strange dreams? Or have comments for this?


Dear Juanus San

It sounds like to me there is a lot of self doubt and confusion - which in itself can cause self doubt. The new baby in your dreams suggest something new - as a birth is a new child come into the world. Spirit give you dreams REPEATEDLY until such time as you do in fact get the message that the dream imparts.

A lot of the material things or people we see in dreams are in fact sybolisms of wider meanings as the new born baby in your dreams is a symbol (sent in a way that we can understand its meaning) which means a new birth - of something new or a new opportunity sthat 'has been born' - in other words something that is a new challenge or opportunity. Yoy have to now ask yourself 'What new opportujnitie3s am I being given' and once you havde diagnosed what the new birth of this baby in symbolo terms means you will not ha ve the dream anymore

The fact you are asking your family and their views or answers are differing suggests to me that this is one occassion where you have to think for and of yourself only and do what YOU feel is best for you. You say at different points in your dream that the baby is either accepted one minute but goes a different way in another suggests to me total indecision and this kis where you have to make two lists out - one side which is the positives of the situation and the other list all the negative aspects of the new birth (sybollically) which stands for the new venture or opportunity - again which YOU ALONE will have to work it all out. Dreams NE3VER EVER tell yus an answer but what they DO is offer us the options - through the symbolisms of the dreams we have. Remember we willSTILL HAVE THE DREAMS until such time as the answer to the symbolisms in cases like this are received and understood

Be careful if you have dreams like this to determine which are symbols as your dream appears to be. Sometimes dreams involve people we know and love in order to illude the message about them but NEVER EVER jump to conclusions as most of the time dreams are sylm bollical or if they are of material circumstances they come as possible options or warninghs WHAT COULD happen and not for one minute giving you gaurantees that anything dreampt about is a c ertain gaurantee that anything is going to happen as dreampt. It soes dound to me that at times you have to make some rational decisions on your own and come to your own conclusions. If things DO go wrong then we have to accept that this is because WE have done something wrong oursleves or gpone about it in the wrong way but opportunity is these sort of cases always represent themselves sooner or later. .

I hope I could explain and clear some matters yup for you as I see what the dream meant. I appreciate that the explanations (as I see it) may appear hard but I am NOT trying to be unfair or cruel to you - UI have no reason to be so but I can onl7y try and interpret the dream as it is presented.

In the meantime let me know how you get on and God bless.
Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant) .


Lesli Lewis, I have had many dreams. But lately this its the one that I keep dreaming. Among two others....

I know I won't get pregnant, but does this dream stand for my in ability to see things thru.... Or idk

Feel kinda stupid right now..... Most would be happy of baby dreams. Yet I wake up scared, frustrated, teeth grinding, tight fist as if i'm trying to hold on to something...


Ooh and thank you for commenting


I think Leslie is right on the button when he tells you that the baby is probably meant to be figurative rather than literal. In almost all "dream interpretation" methods, new-borns, whether human or animal, are seen to represent a new beginning.

The fact that you are so stressed by it would suggest that you have a big decision to make regarding something which will cause a major life-change, and you are uncertain about how others around you will respond to it.

I don't know what your "out" status is, but I have seen similar recurring dreams and nightmares before in LGBT people when they were deciding whether or not to come out to their families.

Anyway, whatever the decision is that you need to make, as soon as you've made it, you should find that the dreams go away.


LOVE this thread! Thank you. First one I have commented on for awhile

Ian and Leslie are both on the mark about dreams being symbols the dreamer has for us rather than literal "I want a baby" kind of thing. One of the best things I have here in my dinky town is a dream group that helps each other with possible meanings of each others dreams since it is easier to have ideas for someone else than it is for yourself, and one of the criteria we use is the "AHA!" Which just means that we all can see things and give you interpretations, but only you know which ones resonate with your soul and those are the lines to investigate mentally a bit more.

Also, the feeling tone when you wake up IS important in discovering your meaning. For example, if this were my dream and I woke up very distraught as you have, I would be more likely to believe that it could have something to do with a new idea/life choice I was wrestling with or building upon Ian's idea the possibility of coming out to family/someone. I don't know your circumstances, but many times the actors in our dreams represent parts of ourselves, and the dreamer picks people in our lives that embody the ideas that we are struggling with- ie baby=new beginning of self type thing. If I had tried to ask everyone about it and leave it behind, the new thing sounds like something I am uncomfortable with in my life.

Babies need lots of care and nurturing, so can also represent something very precious to you- something that needs protection to flourish and grow. So look at the other aspects of your dream to help discover the nuances of what it is that needs protecting.

I LOVE that the baby comes with it's own money!! How great is that!!!!! Again, if this were my dream that would tend to make me think that this "new beginning" was something that isn't going to be a drain on anybody else- that I wouldn't have to ask for support for it, that I simply have to find the place that it belongs in my life.

Lots to say about baby dreams. I haven't had ones that I remember myself, but one of my dream group had a year of baby dreams- she was starting a new business. Then started dreaming baby dreams in a darker way, and had it relate to something totally different- she had tumors in her uterus. So dreams can also be health dreams, and it is always good to ask the dreamer if it is a health dream although for me your dreams would indicate new beginning type stuff. (my health dreams revolve around food, ie eating with people, and I always have a duh moment when my group asks if I am eating right lately...LOL).

All the chatter about health dreams is just to point out that all the parts of your dream shape the interp, and it is good to write them down to think about later. Even when we remember dreams later we forget a lot of the details of the dream, so if you want to get deeper into what the dreamer is telling you I would recommend keeping a dream journal and writing tool close to where you sleep so with as little movement as possible you can begin to write the dream as soon as you barely have waking conscious again to catch as much as you can. Recurring dreams happen for me when I am stuck on whatever it is I am trying to work out, and whatever this is for you seems to be knocking you on your head, and as Leslie pointed out the dreamer will keep doing it until you listen to yourself.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thanks for letting me share.
And Happy Dreaming!!


I'm completely out to my family, lived with my ex girlfriend. Walked out of the relationship. We are on the friend or lovers stage, again.

I find girls sexy, gorgeous. And guys are cute, but no sexual desire. Every now an then its nice to be cuddled by my guy friends........
I'm actually looking for a job, since getting robbed once a week isn't working with me lol.

I want to keep my family happy, and hope that my parents siblings will work things out... Since I am waiting for court to convict my older cousin of rape... I want to work things out with my ex girlfriend.

Hopefully we'll have a better hand the second time around..

i'm thinking.... You guys have opened my eyes for a more brighter definition...of my possible dream meaning...
A whole lot better, than when did I have heterosexual sex lol


I'm glad we were able to help, Juanis.

Like CJ said, in the end, only you can figure it out, because the dreams are created by your own sub-conscious.


True, and I thank ya so much!!!! Now I need to get me a dream book... Try to figure this out.

Open mind, open soul.

Once again thank full for the comments, way better than am I pregnant lol


Lol!!!!! Lets keep it that way. .. Babies are adorable, but I like to return them when they cry lol


I am glad that I managed to shead a bit of light onto the dreaming interpretations and ideas. I really liked the idea of a group sitting and discussing what each others' dreams can mean or the messages they carry.

The interpretaion of dreams as most of us know is certainly nlothing new and goes back to the days of the Bible when Joseph interpreted the dreams for Pharoah King of Egypt There are other incidents that are Bible related where characters had things revealed to them by means of dreams so you could state without and question.of dreaming being a form of informative mediumship is an undeniable fact..

I don't that the King of Egypt at the time at the time nicknamed Joseph 'Dreamboy' Joseph 'Dreamboy' though - (that was a pathetic joke of mine)

I welcome any views and comments thought so all do take Care.and if anyone does want any persoanal help do let me know. Remember that things that may appear illogical or silly are NOT as we see these images for a reason which will be quite apparant once the explanations of such visions are explained.

Leslie (Lewis) (I'm certainly no dream boy either LOL. Has anyone dreampt that they have won the lottery yet.and have they? or that just pushing our luck LOL)


Lewis you are funny! and if i ever win the lottery i will share.. after not being able to sleep for a while i managed to sleep for over 12hrs! i feel pretty good...

in my dream: the setting was lake, house, water party looking backyard.

characters: dad, group of guys (front door neighbors and side neighbors of my cousins) cousins, my girlfriend kid Ean, my cousins kids {Anthony and others}.

me as a kid and an adult throughout the dream lol

the main thing we were all having fun, but the front and side neighbor kids weren't invited. because they were mean and much older then all of the kids. (us) {they were like the block bullies}

so everyone is having fun from the lake to the water park. everyone had full access to the house. now at some point i am inside the house, and i exit through the other side of the house and i realize {ima kid at this point} that the neighbor hood bullies are there. but they are not being mean to me, usually they are mean to every one lol
and at some point im across the street hanging out with them and i get talked into breaking into the house (the house i just came out of)
so i do i followed a check list down to the smallest detail!
i come out of the house and walk across the street and the neighbor hood bullies call 9-1-1 {police}. and then we are looking at a fence and its all loose and there is a brief chat of why its loose, and one of the bullies is like yeah i brake into our neighbors place all the time.
then the ambulance and the firetruck arrive alongside the police and forensic team. thats when it dawns on me that my finger prints are all over the place.
officer tells my dad that the finger prints belong to a child between the ages of 8-10 yrs of age!
i bust out crying and tell what i did. lol then i go back to the party and everyone is like why? did you do that? forgets what i did and everyone goes to having fun..

then i wake up laughing,..like huh? i don't even open the drink i am about to purchase till i paid for it! lol
sigh, first i dream of babies! now im a crook in my dream today lol
im actually looking forward to dreaming this morning after work lol {i work graveyard shift}

hope more post about ya's dream =]


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