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Forbidden love

Lurking in the shadows
Thirsting for life
Come unto me
Take my soul

Or let me love you
As forbidden as it may be
I long for the darkness
That burns within your soul

My vampire
My only love
And to me it was told
That we could be forever

But one in the same
Change me, my vampire
So I can love again
Or forever be blinded by the light

When I would much rather be left dead
To prowl the night
Where in the shadows I lurk
Waiting to quench my thirst

For the blood that glows red
And runs in the veins
Of filth ridden people
Who I hunt in the dark

Please take me
My lost love
My vampire
So I may know
No matter how forbidden
An eternal love

Or else I shall die here
Alone forever more
With a heart tragically broken
But worst of all
Ill I’ll remain
And un-forgiven


Even with all the blood and guts, all that biting, it is still a beautiful declaration of love.

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