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“Where are you going?” - Your WRITES

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“Where are you going?”
By Renee’

"Where are you going?"
Ask Anne for me
She would like me to come to her
We will soon get rain
And I’ll be free from the pain

"Where are you going?"
Ask Le for me
She loves me so
From long ago
I know she’ll hurt so

"Where are you going?"
Ask Carol for me
She had something similar
She knows my pain
Yet she always made me smile
I love her so

“Where are you going?”
Ask Gary for me
For we share words of poetry
Words of love and tears
Words of hope and pain
We walk a soulful path in these words
Ask him why?

"Where are you going?"
Ask Mike for me
He tried everything to cure me
But my body weakens steadily
Our fight though strong
My time is coming like an unwanted song

"Where are you going?"
Ask my Goddess for me
For it’s her I follow
She knows the way
She’ll bring me peace

“Where are you going?”
Ask the Pale Rider
For he comes for me
And my time is just about now

"Where are you going?"
Somewhere where nobody can find me!

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