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i am a 49 year old single white gay male with nothing left to lose - Gay Guys! <3

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1 iam white 2 iam in great health 3 i am on a healthy diet 4 i need a boy friend 5 i do not carry any deasies 6 i do not use any drugs 7 i do not have a camera as of yet coming soon


One, I am of mixed race but pass for White, people tell me that I look Irish.
Two, I am disabled due to a rare Blood disease but currently doing well.
Three, I try to eat healthy but my food stamps only go so far.
Four, I need a boyfriend, prefer naughty bottoms with a little kink.
Five, I aint got no STDs, was an HIV/AIDS couselor.
Six, no drugs, was also a substance use counselor.
Seven, my cousin had the camera and so pics must be G rated.
Eight, I have everything to lose even tho I have no worldly possessions, only the people and the cat I love.

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