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The fear inside
By Renee’
23rd March 2010

I try not to show the fear inside
My feeling I do wish to hide
I try walking away
But I see your heart break
And I know that I must stay
I feel the distance
And these miles overcome me
I cry out aloud
I cannot reach the world today

I try to hide this fear inside
Not showing all the tears I have cried
Trying each day to understand this confused life
With my body aching and my mind spinning
I don’t know when this life ends or when it is the beginning
Cause I am suffering from you
All the things I say and do
The more I think of you the more I cry
I am living this life as one big lie
Then I see your heart break and I know I must try

I replay my life, over and over
The version I always choose
Is you and I, lovers in clover
I dare not dream of any other
For I even have fought with my brother
For this weary soul
Is tired, but Ohh
I do love you so
Please don’t cry those tears of pain
I will try not live my life in vain
If I had a choice
I would do it all over again.


Vary Good ........

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