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Dean Hargreaves--where are you?? who are you?? - Gay Guys! <3

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What happened to Dean? Check out the postings on THE WAY, or find out for yourself, google "deanwaltham" or "dean1995" or "deanbn1995"


I am of the opinion that to out someone's User IDs from other websites is neither fair nor respectful of their reasonable expectation of a degree of privacy as to what sites they choose to visit.

I notice that your identity as John Jay is a brand new profile and your profile page only has the bare minimum of information on it. This raises in my mind the question as to whether this profile has been created to start this discussion and to hide another identity which you have been using on this site.

I also noticed that your postings on this subject were made in the very middle of the night UK time and therefore I believe that you have made these postings from somewhere in a very different time zone.

I don't wish to start a scrap or a massive debate. What I would ask is for you to remove this posting as I don't expect you or anyone else reading this would like to have this kind of treatment done to them.

If you are kind hearted enough to delete the posting I send you my sincere thanks.


I close the other discussion because it was posted to many time...Now the only thing I am going to say is if you think someone is a fake then report them don't start a discussion on them...If there is anything you need to say to me then message me..I am tried of read these post in this group...

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