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to my friends here - Get HAPPY

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Last evening I held one of my dogs as she past away to cross over to the other side. I know she was wlecomed by many who loved her greatly. Please excuse my absence for a while. Thank you for those who were praying.


Sorry about ur Baby Debbie, i will miss u, but keep in contact


We will continue to pray for you in support of your grieving process, you are not alone.


Debbie I am so sorry to read this I know how much your pets mean to you.
We all love you here and send our love.


Hi,there Debbie. I am sorry to hear of your Loss. Please accept my Support and Prayer`s ...... Tommy lol xxx


Tues., Oct 30th, 12, !5:30 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group/Debbie,

Please Accept My Condolances to
The Loss of Your Child as Such,
She Has Gone to B in the
"Loving Care" of the Great One".
We Share Your Pain and Sorry
As Well. I am a Pet Owner - a
Loving Kitty Whom I Love Very
Much, etc.
When You are Ready - Please
Consult With the "Great One"
and He Will Guide You on Your
Way and You Will Know If its Right
to Bring Another Child into Your
"For Ever Home" Do the Right Thing
When You are Ready. And I Know
the Great One Will Truly Bless You
With the Love and Joy in Your Life.

God Bless, and All My Best, OK,



sorry to hear that debbie, i know how much you will miss her, you know where i am if you need to find me . xxx christine


So sorry to hear that Debbie my thoughts n prayers will be with u during ur time of sorrow XOXOXOXO Karen


Actually it's really starting to hit me hard. I always expect her at certain times of the day especially when I put dishes away or wash them because she would run into the living room because 8 times out of 10 something would hit the floor.

Or when I opened a package of shredded cheese like tonight, she ALWAYS be there because I would drop a little on purpose. And every night since my ex has been gone, she'd growl and bark and carry on because she never got enough leftovers. I made a video one night of her, it's funny but know bittersweet.

Now the house is way to quiet and she doesn't come for a scratch and spin me in the recliner or pass and nibble on my fingers.

I have been fighting all the "what-if's" and there was really nothing I could have done but what I did do.........I can't wait to see my animal companions again!
Heavy sigh....

I have decided the two dogs I have now will more than likely be my last two


Sun., Nov 4th, 12, 15:20 Hrs. M.S.T.

If You Should Have a Chance to Take
in Another Rescue Child - Please do
So With a Loving Heart. The Great One
Will Truly Bless You. Even If Its a Kitty,
Its Still a Child in Need of a Loving
Home, Good Luck, OK.


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