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Please pray for this young brave activist & sign if you wish to! T/Y - The Gay Christian Network

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Malala is this amazing, insanely brave, 14 year old girl

Hey Avaazers - so if you haven't heard, Malala is this amazing, insanely brave, 14 year old girl who's been campaigning for girls' education in Pakistan, and blogging for the BBC. The Taliban drove up to her school two weeks ago and shot her in the head, with two of her friends. She's still alive, thank god.

We're probably all thinking the same thing -- how do we honour this incredible girl? Her dream was for all girls in Pakistan to attend school -- let's help her achieve it.

There's actually a pretty good expert plan for how to do that. UK's former PM Gordon Brown is the new UN Envoy for Education, and is meeting Pakistani President Zardari in a few days. He says a million signatures on a petition will really help him get the media swell we need to persuade Zardari. So let's do it, and have a pretty amazing present ready for Malala when she gets out of hospital! Sign and forward this email to get us to a million!


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