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What if we could not worry about other people and just be ourselves? - Get HAPPY

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I put some video's here for you to check out, when labels do not apply nor have any meaning because after all love is love.

Also watching these guys, makes me very happy!~ I hope that they will do the same for you.

Larry Stylinson - God Damn You're Beautiful


Louis and Harry | Read All About It


A 1D Bromance story // Liam, Harry and Niall


One Direction- Funny Moments


One Direction sing Chasing Cars - The X Factor Live Semi-Final -


I hope you all like them, Hugs maake me happy too!

If you like them also please support them buy buying their music

the Group? &gt&gt&gt&gt&gt&gt&gt One Direction


Sorry I meant to put this to the above, but at the time I couldn't find it, This is some of their music and 1 Direction on stage. (And yes they do have 1 Direction dolls! ) Just in case you were wondering.

One Direction All Performance 2010 X Factor

http://youtu.be/AUw7x8Khitw Shared with love.

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