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Looking for gay friends in Tenerife - Gay Guys! <3

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This may sound a bit "sad", but I need some gay friends that I can go out with in South Tenerife. I suddenly realised that all the gay friends I used to go out drinking with are now in relationships, and none of my "str8 m8s" are too interested in going to gay bars and stuff!

Are there any guys in Tenerife who'd like to get together for a night out?

I'm purely looking for friends, by the way, not sex partners! I'm getting sick of guys who just want a quick shag! I can get that on any cruising beach. I just want to go out with a few mates for a good night out.


Ian, if I get to Tenerife at any time I'll let you know and be pleased to go for for a good night out.


Thanks David. I just wish there were a few more out gay guys living here. Problem is that Gran Canaria has such a massive scene that gay Tinerfians tend to flee there as soon as they're old enough, and most gay guys who visit the Canary Islands make that island their first choice. Here in Tenerife, to some degree, we get left with couples, closet-cases and the university students, who have their own "private" scene.

Having built up my business here over 10 yrs, I don't have the option to relocate to Gran Canaria!

It was ok when I first landed here, as I arrived with a boyfriend, but having been single now for nearly 7 years, I'm feeling a bit isolated. I'm not the type of person who enjoys going to bars and stuff alone, and I don't see me finding a partner in the kind of karaoke bars my "str8 m8's" want to hang out in!

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