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Weather ALEART.. - Gay Guys! <3

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Sat., Oct. 27th, 12, 11:50 Hrs. M.D.T.

Hi Group,

HEY!!! - The Gods are ANGRY., BIG Franken Storm Coming. WOW.
Storm/Rain Moving Up the East Coast of North America. Speeds Close
to 100 Kph - PLUS. Cold Front - Old Man Winter/SNOW Moving South
from Canada. Say What, 50/60 Kph or More on a Collision Coarse.
Better Stock Up on Non Parishables While You Can in Case Your
Either "Rained In" or "Snowed In" and Power is OUT.
B Ready, B Prepared. Good Luck.



I know what you saying...I am on the east coast of Va and we went out yesterday and got everything we needed.....


I hope every thing goes fine for you up there .It got chilly here last night. I finely had to turn the heat on last night.



Fort Frances here, looks like we might get some. 5 Minutes from INTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN


Sat., Oct 27th, 12, 19:30 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Again,

Hey I Found Out the Gods were Angry Last Wkd. Its Not Even the End of Oct. (Oct 21st) and We Got 5 Cm of Snow Between Oct 21st to 23rd in Calgary. Other Areas in Southern Alberta/Saskatchewan Got I Heard was 10 - 20 Cm of Snow so Yes the Gods are Angry and Old Man Winter is Sneeking in the
Back Door, Its NO Trick or Treat Time for Sure. - Oct 31st, Its More Like
Buckle Down and Ride Things Out for a While, Depending on What Happens Where - We Don't Know Yet. Just B Prepared Really, I Figure - Yes Power Will
B Out in Areas, so Get the Non Parishables While You Can to Get By On for a Few Days. NO Power Means NO Stores Open, So B Ready for the Worst..
Better Safe Then Sorry Boys & Girls.



Sat., 0ct 27th, 20:10 Hrs., M.D.T.
Hi Again,

I Can Only Speak for My Areas, Yours is Different Obviously Where You Live.
We Should Still B Getting WARM Temperatures Like +5 - 10C for At Least
a Few More Weeks.
Instead Its Like Highs of 0C to Say -5 to -10C and Night and It Stays that
Way During the Day.. We Have NOT Had One Sunny Day in Calgary All
Week. NOT Normal Weather.
It WON'T Surprise Me If We Get a Very COLD Winter or Very Warm or Cold
Dry Winter - Little Snow Depending on Where You Live in Canada/US
This Time Round. We Got off Lucky Last Year. We Sure Paid for It Last
Franken Storm Coming - Lets Keep the Weather Reports Coming as Well.
Trick or Treat? Ya I want Those Warm Chinook Winds for My Treats to Keep
Me WARM this Winter.


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