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Breathe - Your WRITES

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Here I am
Trying to grab my chest
For a breath
But you took everything away

Truth ?
What's the definition of "I Love You" ?
Don't try to talk me through
Not even to my friends too

I stop believing
I shouldn't have
B/c I m nothing
After you left

After you're gone
There's no more songs
Nothing else to hold on
Don't get this wrong
I will be strong

Lies ?
It's okay, I don't care
Lies will die
B/c life is unfair

Hurt ?
Just walk away, don't bother
I m fine
B/c the heart is mine

Tears ?
(Laughing) It's not fears
For you ?
No, It is not true
Perhaps It's the sand
That gets into my eyes
I don't need your hand
Walk away, you won't see me cry


Absolutely love this one.but i am still waiting for you to start writing happy songs now Ella :-(


And it breaks my heart

I never loved anybody for me
I should have kept one foot on the ground
I never protected my heart truly
I got lost, so lost
I hear all these sounds
Shouting in my mind
All these voices
Crying in my mind
All these words
Playing in my mind
And it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart

I wish never met you
I wish we never fell in love
I wish I never ever let you kiss me so sweet and so soft
I wish I never ever saw you
I wish you never ever called
I wish I can stop singing these love songs just to break my own fall
Just to break my fall
Break my fall

All my friends say that of course it’s going to get better,
Going to get better
Better, better, better, better
They are not alone at night
Afraid, scared, keeping on the light
Here I sit drinking and smoking
Fighting back the tears that are so choking
Choking, oh God I’m choking

I keep hearing, “sweet heart come to bed”
I turn and you are not there in my bed
I keep feeling your tender caress
Each time my neck you kiss
Oh how I wish, oh how I wish
And it breaks my heart
Breaks my heart
Breaks my heart


Vary,vary,good .......

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