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Obama backs gay marriage measures in 3 states - The Rainbow Lounge

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Obama backs gay marriage measures in 3 states

President Barack Obama on Thursday threw his support behind ballot measures in Maine, Maryland and Washington state that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Though the president first voiced his general approval for gay marriage in May, he had not previously offered specific endorsements of the three measures.

In each case, the endorsements were issued through the state branches of Obama's re-election campaign.

"While the president does not weigh in on every single ballot measure in every state, the president believes in treating everyone fairly and equally, with dignity and respect," said Paul Bell, the campaign's press secretary in Washington state.

"Washington's same-sex marriage law would treat all Washington couples equally, and that is why the president supports a vote to approve Referendum 74," Bell said.

In Maine, gay-rights supporters put the measure on this year's ballot in hopes of reversing the results of a 2009 referendum in which voters rejected a same-sex marriage law passed by the legislature.

In Maryland and Washington, gay-marriage laws were passed by lawmakers and signed by the governors earlier this year, but opponents collected enough signatures to hold referendums on whether the laws should be upheld or rejected.

Ed Murray, an openly gay state senator in Washington who has been fighting for years to legalize gay marriage, expressed gratitude to Obama.

"When I first began fighting in the legislature for marriage equality ... I would never have dared to dream that a president of the United States would one day step forward at this crucial moment, in the middle of his own close re-election campaign, to offer his support for our efforts," Murray said. "But that is exactly what President Obama has done, and it is an example of his courage and leadership."

Murray said his hope was to soon be able to wed his partner of 21 years, and he thanked Obama for "bringing that dream a little closer to reality."

Chip White of Preserve Marriage Washington, which opposes the gay-marriage law, said he was unsurprised by Obama's action.

"Until May of this year, the president's position was that marriage is the union of one man and one woman," White said. "No one called him a bigot or said he was unfair for holding that position. And Washingtonians who believe in the traditional definition of marriage as one man and one woman are not bigots."

If any of the measures are approved, it would be the first time that a state legalized same-sex marriage through a popular vote. Thus far, all 32 states voting on gay marriage have rebuffed it, while the six states that have legalized it did so through legislation or court orders.

In all three states voting on the issue on Nov. 6, the outcome is expected to be close, though the polls up to now have given an edge to gay-marriage supporters.


ok women ....


Sun., Oct 28th, 12, 19:40 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
If These Votes Loose, There is the
Option that One is Free to Come Up
to CANADA as Gay Marriage is Legal
and Has Been Since 2006.
If America Says NO. CANADA Says YES.



well lest gooooo to canada people and get real gay i love to be gay!!! and you!!!!


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If Obama didn't agree with gay marriage in May, he most likely supported it only to get re-elected, unless he had contact with many gay couples and in the short amount of time had a change in views. Either way, let's hope he doesn't back out of it now that he's staying.


Mon., Nov 12th, 12, 15:25 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Me Again. Obama Backed Gay Marriage for One Reason, Joe Biden Had the Guts in May to Say He Backed Gay Couples Rights to Get Married. Its Been My
Views Obama Backed It Only Because Biden's Remarks Put Him on the Spot on the Issues.
OK Obama Needed the GAY VOTES to Get in So Backing so Called Marriage Equality/, More Gay Rights etc Got Him the Gay Votes He Need to Get Into Power - It was a CLOSE Election.
Obama CANNOT Run for Re Election in 2016 He Has 4 Years in Power to DO
What He WANTS to Do. I Have Very Serious Reservations that Obama Doesn't Endorse Gay Marriage So if It Doesn't Happen It Won't Really Surprise Me.
You Know - Manipulate the Gay Vote to Get Into Power.
Well Obama Appealed to the GAY, Black, Hispanic, and UNION Votes. As I See It, OBAMA Owes a LOT for Those VOTES, and IF Passing Laws/Bills to
Allow Gay Marriage, PLUS a Bill Outlawing Discrimination Based on Sexual
Orientation as a Federal Bill - SO B IT. Small Price to PAY for Asking the Gay Community for Support Come Elections Getting PINK $1s by the Tonne for Your Election - Means He Owes a LOT in Return. That Includes Union, Black, Hispanic $1s as Well.
Just MY Views from a CANADIAN View Point, OK.


Mon., Nov 12th, 12, 15:40 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Going to CANADA? Remember You
Need an "Amcn Passport" to Cross
the Border NOW, OK.
You Will Need a Few $1s as Well, See
Your Brinks Truck for a Vacation Loan,
Once in Canada Look for a Marriage
Councelers Office or Justice of the
Peace Office - Good Luck
Passing Thoughts, If You Want to Immigrate
to Canada it Might Take a Bit Longer. Oh
by the Way, There are a LOT of JOBS in
Western Canada so Chances of Landing
a JOB, Might B Pretty Good.
The Only Place You DON"T Need to Go to.
peoples republic of quebec.
Welcome to CANADA,


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