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I hear Voices (cancer)
By Renee’
29th March 2010

Life is like a road
Too many twists and turns
And to many ups and downs
So loud is my voice of doubt
It tells me to give up
Stop trying so hard
Why live in all the pain
Yes my voice tells me pack your bags
Leave this all behind

But there was another voice
One of reason
One of hope
And one of joy
This voice is gentle
This voice is peaceful
Telling me to stay
Nothing is impossible
If you set your mind to it

Then there is the voice of love
A voice of kindness
A voice of comfort
A voice of support
A voice of confidence
Calling me home
To be by her side
To be held and cuddled by her
To feel her warmth as she holds me tight

All these voices tell me that the day has come
And the fight has just begun
There is a light at the end of the road
I now have hope
My fears have been put at peace
Knowing that this fight can be won
I rise from these ashes
My body is now a flame
It is time
For this poison to drain

In my body and blood
Is where this cancer did start
With a small prayer
And plenty of care
Suddenly I feel a live
Although the struggle will be long
My mind grows so strong
There are those voices again
But I can’t hear the voice of doubt
I can only hear the voices of hope and love
I shall overcome
My battle with cancer will be won

A struggle and a wish to survive. Against all odds, the poetess expresses her will to win the final battle. Determined to ignore the shifty voice of doubt, she listens to the voice of reason and love. This woman's work is not done and she decides to claim her right to do it, for all those who love her but most of all for her herself. Another wonderful poem by Renee' Summers sang by Yannis. BUT sadly Renee’ succumbed to Leukaemia and passed away on the 13th October 2011, REST IN PEACE MY DEAREST FRIEND
I miss you so

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