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Her Words Never Lie - Your WRITES

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Her Words Never Lie
By Renee’

She sits all alone,
Writing sad poems
In the back of a small café
And nobody hears her, so she closes her eyes
And just lets the words take her away

writing poems of love, poems of broken hearts
And she's worn out her luck and her last pair of jeans
But she just keeps on going and she’s living in a dream
And she feels it inside, and the her words never lie.

There's a lady she knows, who often comes by
loving her sad sonnets
She requests the same sonnet every night
She says it reminds her of someone she once knew

A trace of her perfume, still floats across the room
Once they shared all their dreams
But now all she feels sad and alone
They grew slowly apart, and her words never lie.

Some nights it gets cold, and it makes her forlorn and alone
Her time is slipping away
And if you look close at her daunt face
Under the lights there are traces dried tears

She knows what it's all about, feeling down and out
'Cause she's been there before, and she's seen it all
And she has learnt to survive with her back to the wall
It's a crazy old life, and her words never lie
Death is closing in, and she can feel its coldness
Shaking she writes her last words
Rushing to finish, each line, one by one
She thinks of love gone by, and love at hand
Why is that her fate, her words never lie


The girl makes a difference

A girl who sits in a little coffee shop
she writes her thoughts
a girl lays in a hospital bed
all alone in the dark
she writes her thoughts
a girl inspires so many
with her words and her truth
a girl lays sleeping
deep in her dreams
while the world and I
we are still waiting
waiting till she wakes
one person can make a difference


Vary good ........

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