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For You, Karen my love - Your WRITES

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Each moment approaches to that day
There is still that feeling that will stay

Your smile with your unforgettable laugh
I forget to breathe, should I even gasp?

That feeling that is deep within me
Words cannot describe the full meaning

The first moment I finally saw you
The hug I gave, I couldn't let go

The day is getting closer I secretly anticipate
Moment I waited, for now I cannot wait

The bond we have is special to let go
I need you more than you know

For any mistakes, I am truly sorry
I shall not to put you in anymore worry

This for you to say one thing
I deeply love you, one thing I cannot loose


Beautiful words and i hope your love likes these words... well written...

A love for a dear friend

A love for a dear friend
Is so great, it makes my life worth while
The kind words she departs
The thoughtful comments
Her loving and caring
She surely is an Angel
She is so heavenly

I love you
I dream to be in your arms
I dream to snuggle in your chest
I dream of you holding me tight
Oh how I wish that dream would come true.

I love you my Friend
I love you so…


Loved each and ever line you wrote. Truly beautiful :-)


Thanks shabs. I remember that day like yesterday. It plays over n over on my memory. I still get that feeling when I am with her and I know that it can never go away.



My mind reels
With your essence
I watch you there
Your beautiful long, blonde hair

The smile
So refreshing, so exquisite
I long to touch you
Smell you
Taste you.

To wake up with you, to lay down beside you
To spend my days
Wrapped in you
But I must pretend
That I don't.

Yes, I know we are lesbians
And we are out.
We hide
Still fearful
Still feeling different
Still with a woman

And there I shall stay
My love envelopes me
And will not keep me away
Aching for you

My beautiful girl

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