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A fun night - Your WRITES

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A fun night

"We'll be back in 2 days ok? Money on the side for food and anything else. We're only a phone call away alright honey?" Elena's mum rushed around making sure everything was ready. Her parents were going to Derbyshire to visit Elena's sick granddad. She wasn't scared though - at 16, she was maturing perfectly. Her eyes were a very deep, sparkly green and her hair was light brown, below shoulder, wavy and lustrous. Her skin was spot free and tanned and her smile was amazing. Elena's body was slim, like an hourglass. Her DD's meant that she trusted no boy though. Elena was smart, beautiful and single. Her parent's didn't understand why she was single but Elena just didn't want to tell them that she was a lesbian. So off they went, hugging and leaving her.

Later that evening, Elena had gotten changed out of her clothes and lay on the sofa in her lacy, sensuous bra and thong. She loved the way an occasional breeze on her skin made her nipples erect and her pussy tingle. Elena turned on the TV watching a porno that her dad kept stashed away. Elena loved the way the two blonde women danced under each other, breath mingling, nibbling each other’s perfect breasts and tasting their aromatic pussy juice. Elena moved her own hand down into her own trimmed cunt. She rubbed her clit as the girls came to their own orgasm, screaming in pleasure. She had always wanted her pussy licked by another woman and to gladly return the favour. Maybe her luck would be in one day.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was 10pm and Elena was a little worried. She pulled on a dressing gown hurriedly, putting the TV on standby. She answered the door to the most beautiful, sexy girl Elena had ever met. She had dazzling blue eyes, skin pale, and hair blonde with a sharp side fringe. Her smile was tender and nervous. Elena knew right then and there she would have her. "Hi I’m daisy. I was wondering if I could use your phone. I'm lost and I’m supposed to be meeting someone for a meal?" She stared at her in shock. Her lucky day!

"Of course! You'll have to use the house phone as my mobiles dead. Come in." She lied, ushering her in. This girl looked very familiar, but different. Maybe it was the revealing black dress that turned her on. Oh well. She heard the girl talk to whomever on the phone and hang up frustrated.

"They cancelled and he was my ride home after. What am i going to do?" She asked. Elena looked at her. "I know we've only just met but my parents are away and you can take their bed if u want. Just for tonight." She added quickly. Daisy stared at her as if she was an angel. "Thank you ever so much!" She cried, hugging her. Elena was taken aback but hugged her, brushing her hand against her bum. Her nipples instantly erected and a damp patch started to form in her pants. Daisy noticed the change but didn't seem to mind. She was also a lost lesbian, wanting to be touched.

One hour later and she had on a spare nightie from Elena's drawer, a drink of wine and turned the TV back on while Elena was in the kitchen. The porno was still on. Daisy was instantly shocked but she found it was a real turn on and started massaging her pussy. Elena came back unnoticed and watched Daisy frig herself off to the pussy licking. She too started masturbating behind her. When she came, Daisy turned around in shock when she heard Elena cry out. They stared at each other long and hard before suddenly embracing and sharing long kisses. Their clothes were on the floor and the girls were off into the master bedroom. Elena was panting. "I need to be sucked right here, right now!" She ordered. Daisy more than obliged and made sure she took her time. Her tongue first started to lick up and down, side to side on her clit, making Elena squirm. She sucked her clit long and hard, her tongue in her hole going as far as she possibly could. She lapped the juices, dribbling down her chin. Elena came hard and her legs shook with the orgasm. After recovering, she returned the favour, focusing only on her clit as this seemed to be the thing that was most sensational. She licked slow and fast strokes of her entire pussy, nibbling on the clit, sucking it, tasting it. She put two fingers inside her wet hole. Daisy came within seconds after her G-spot was found. They kissed again, long and slow, tasting each other’s juices on their tongues. They massaged each other’s nipples and rubbed cunts, one on top, one under. This kept up for hours as one after the other orgasms hitting both of them again and again.
This went on for hours till they both fell asleep from exhortation


If your car ever breaks down I hope it's in front of my house

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