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How do i have sex with my girlfriend (BI/lesbians)? - Lesbian Ladies

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How do i have sex with my girlfriend (BI/lesbians)?

i want to make my girlfriend feel so beautiful! i want to show her how much i love her...but i've never had sex with a girl...
i really don't know what the hell to do...
i want to make her feel like never before! we talk about what we want to do to each other and i say so many things i want to do but i'm scared...what if i can't give her that 'toe curling' feeling? :\
i'm open to trying new things...i want to eat her out..my god I WANT TO!!! ;P
but i don't know..how to do it so it will feel good?
shes been through a lot in her life...i just want to make her happy and show her amazing she is and how in love i am` with her
any advice would be great
thank you xxxx



Trust me, if you're both in love, she'll get the 'toe-curling' orgasm.
You said that you say what you want to do to each other and all you have to do is follow through with that. If you say you're going to go down on her, then go down on her. People say'write the ABC's on her clit with your tongue' DO NOT do that. Haha, I decided to try that out, and my girlfriend goes 'Jen, why the he'll are you practicing your ABC's on my pussy?'. So in other words, she's totally gonna know if you try that.

Soft licks, make sure her clit is always wet enough. Some girls like to be penetrated while receiving oral, and some don't. I think you shouldn't finger her unless she asks you, just so you know. It's better than fingering her when she doesn't like it and having her tell you to stop. You'll know when to speed up your pace because of the way she's acting. If she grips your hair, or lifts her hips off the bed, I suggest you lick her faster or suck on her clit harder, just increase the intensity of whatever you're doing. BUT that being said, if she's having an orgasm, refrain from speeding up because she might get turned off.

But that's only the oral part. If you're 'making love' to her, which it sounds like you'll be doing, then take it slow. She may dominate you, or she may be submissive and want you to dominate her instead. If so, just take control and get on top of her. Kiss her lips, her neck, whisper in her ear. Then slowly move down her body. Worship her body, that's really important. Place a few open mouthed kisses as you do so. Move to her breasts, kiss and lick and suck on them. Do whatever you need to to make sure she's ready.

Then move down her, kissing her body. You can kiss down her legs, or if you want to, stop when you get close to her womanhood. Make sure she's ready. Kiss her thighs, kiss close to her centre and then go back to kissing her thighs. Then you can tease her, do anything you want to but don't go near her clit. 100 % guarantee she'll either push your head to her clit, or ask you to lick her there. That's a good thing, and it also means she wants it. Then you can go ahead and make her have an amazing, toe curling orgasm. (;

heeeeheeheeheehee HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


I really like that answer. It is so sweet and to the point. Yes, have a lot of fun making love and exporing each others bodies and loving one another. This could take years to love all of each other. lol

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