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That leather chair - Your WRITES

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That leather chair

She sits her naked ass in that chair
Talking to me
Her hand wonders down
And strokes her pussy
I tell her how much I miss her
And want her so

Fingers slide into her wetness
As she tells me, “I am so hot for you”
Her head flops back
As her hand enters deeper into her crack
The wetness oozes out her
I hear her start to purr

A sudden scream
As if she was in a dream
Juices flow
From down below
Orgasmic triumph
Squirting on to the leather chair
Leaving puddles of cum
I want to lick up some

I wish I was that chair
To feel your bum all naked and bare
I want you to sit on my face
My heart begins to race
I taste your orgasmic honey
I am Mommy’s lil bunny

So I want to be that leather chair
With your pussy sitting on there
All naked and bare


Blush no clue who this is lol

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