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A pair of awesome young men twins, that I love, and follow, check them out! - Get HAPPY

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I hope you will laugh and enjoy these two funny, handsome, witty and even though they are straight, they hate no one and even loves GLBTQ folks! So check them out~!

I hope you'll love them as much as I do and will follow them on Youtube and Twitter

This should make you RONTFWL!

REVERSE / Jacks Gap Youtube




Jack and Will






British Slang | JacksGap + Tyler Oakley


Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang


BONUS: Twin Twinks Learn More Gay Slang


If I am going to die, let it be with love and laughter!


Harold and Maude - If you want to sing out, sing out



How are you Andre?


These guys are funny! Thanks Andre! How are you doing these days?


Well I'll just share the letter to Lorenzo with you (Saves me on typing and I can get back to bed faster! )

to Lorenzo
I am OK, thank you. I actually enjoyed being at the hospital and having so many people looking out for my well being, well, mostly. We shall always run into people with ego's and attitudes.

The Food was great, no really it was, but then again, not eating for about 10 hours anything might taste great.

I am not sure if they gave me a private room (Which actually had two beds in it, but when I came in their removed it, thus making sure that no one would be checked into the same room as I was in.) Were the concern about my privacy or more concerned about a person who doesn't have AIDS to be placed in the same room I was in?

In any case it did work out for the best. In the silence I was able to focus on my recovery faster and with prayer. I had a beautiful view of the clouds rolling by my 5 TH floor window, which I was consistently looking out of with awe and being transfixed on the clouds, different shapes sizes textures and the various hues and hints of color every now and then lifed me from my room and the pain and I was able to be with them instead of just thinking about me.

I did have a soar throat and where the stitches are plus the force used to get to them, may have cause some damage, we will see.

They did give me a script for a narcotic for my pain but I am refusing to get it filled. I would rather listen to my body and it's needs, instead of being able to avoid them, for me working with your body is a crucial part of the recovery process.

I did have unending hiccups, which I almost with to the doctors to try to get some help, but then decided to use the training I received, when I took both karate lessens and yoga to try to relax the trachea and oropharynx. which in time and a great deal of patience I was able to get under control, and yes I am proud of that. Everyone who saw me I tried to be a inspiration to and I did cause some stir as I walk into the Hospital, Pre-op room, then back in my hospital room, in which I refused to wear the barely scad coverings with leads to machines and monitors on me so with some fuss I was allowed to wear it once I proved to them that my habit could met my requirements of modesty and their requirements to have easy access to my body when they needed to check on something.

So as you can imagine, I am quite tired and need more rest, otherwise the conic hiccups might come back.

Thank you for your support and concerned.


Well, that's it, I do seem to have a small bit of a slight fever but I should be OK,

Thank you I am Glad you found Jack and Finn happiness~!


Andre, dude, that is totally amazing and awesome. I have that same belief about listening to your body and doing what's best. I have stopped everything as well except my meds for sleep but am hoping to wean off those by early next year. I was on narcotics/opiates/ benzos for a variety of things that they had found no underlying causes for things I deal with. Pain is bearable but the muscle spasms get very hard to deal with at times. I'm tired of chemicals and am going to do it Gods way. Still praying for a healthy speedy recovering! I absolutely love watching the clouds and this evenings sunset was gorgeous! It often makes me wonder how I will be able to handle the grandure when we cross over. Be well my friend!


mmm me thinks we all should start posting videos who would take that challange?


I'd share!


MS, Wheeler, your tone seems to be suggesting, that i am either doing something wrong, you don't approve of, or breaking the rules and /or guidelines of this group or site. If I am please enlighten me, so that I may not be something thing that seems to irk you.

I will BE more then happy to leave this group if that is your express wish.

I posted the above video links because these guys are funny! Music, comedy, and spirituality, are the things that help me get through bad times, so I was/am just sharing and trying to help.


@ Andre I liked the videos what I meant to say was maybe it would be fun to see our friends from gays.com doing fun videos like that.
You are by no means breaking any rules that I know of and this group is all about having fun, being a little silly and sharing the fun.
I am sorry to hear you are going through some bad times I hope this group helps cheer you up because that's what it's for.
Please keep sharing fun videos and jokes and anything that you think will put a smile on others faces.


Thank you so much, sorry for the misunderstanding.


Andre I hope you see that this group is a friendly and a safe, fun place.
I try to keep it that way too and read all posts if I can.
As I wrote in the description:
Bullying and name calling will not be tolerated.
I reserve the right to remove any comments that may offend others.
So if you have any trouble in box me and I will help because it seemed to me that you were on your guard.
I hope you find friends and fun in this group and here is a video for you.
BIG ((((HUG)))

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