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Why don't boy bands acknowledge their gay fans? - Gay Guys! <3

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I find it very upsetting how if a girl tweets "I love you, I wish I could meet you" she gets a retweet, a favourite, a reply and/or a follow yet if a gay fan tweets anything like that they're ignored. It's the same with all boy bands: One Direction, The Wanted, District 3, Union J, etc. I think they should pay more attention to their gay fans.


ohh welll.... maybe they are too straight to tweet gays...!!
anyways is it true that ZAYN MALIK, of ONE DIRECTION, is a GAY??


In the case of bands a lot of them are still in the closet themselves and their managers tell them if they Do come out it will hurt their image. HELLO! In this day and age I think it would help. 20 years ado it was not really possible to come out. Today its almost an afterthought. While a few of them might be ostracised here in the US by the religious idiots the fans in most cases won't care.
As for girls vs guys and tweets guys are often more afraid to come forward fearing being outed. Girls have are more secure. Remember that two girls can hold hands in public and no one notices BUT if 2 guys do it they get nasty homophobic remarks. Two sets of standards...


I'm not sure, I saw tweets like that. Tweeted by gays boys and they had RTs
but it's posible you are right...


Sat., Oct 20th, 12, 17:20 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
In a Lot of Things.Sports, Music Groups,
Entertainment, Hobbies, and What Have
You - Being Gay is NOT the Way to B. Its
Good Looks, Hot Women, and Sex, and
That is What the Promoters WANT and
Will SELL to Make a BUCK. So If Your
GAY You Had Better Keep Your Mouth SHUT
if You Know Whats Good for You. With ALL
the Endorsements These People Get, You
Can't Afford to Come Out, Never Mind the
1,000s of $1s Your Getting to Promote
the Various Products etc.
Notice One Thing - Most Well known People
Coming Out These Days, Do so LONG AFTER
the Singing Groups/Bands or Sports Fame
is Well Over and They Have Made Their Millions
in Endorsements etc..
Its Going to B a LONG TIME B 4 We Ever See
John or Jane Doe With a "Same Sex Partner"
Promoting a Product on TV or in Sports, or in
Magazines and What Have You..
I'm a Gay Hobbiests, Space/Science Fiction
Trains - Model Railroading. I'd Love to Have
Associates Who are GAY to Share My Interests
and Feel Free to B More Open About It WITHOUT
the COLD Shoulder Treatment and Made to
Feel Unwelcome Because of Whom I am Etc.
Just My Views, so Hope You Know Where I'm
Coming From.


Not everything has to start with a capital letter, and it's only gay males that can't come out, look at Jessie J, Lady GaGa, they can release music and be lesbian or bi but there's still a stigma attached to gay males. Boy bands should be encouraged to get involved with their gay fans and not alienate them.


ashley i think your right it,s the same in sports

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