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i used to love getting drunk but the consiquinces of being drunk became too much to handle....
Partying is where my drinking started; I’d get so drunk and end up in some strangers bed, not knowing what I did. So I decided that would not happen anymore, so I stopped. And I am better for it, I enjoy myself now and I have my wits about me at all times, should I choose to go with someone it’s my decision and not the alcohol speaking.

I was a closet lesbian for many years and it was the right thing to be with a man. After suffering some abuse from my so called boyfriend I left, a few nights later I ended up in a lesbian bar and now I am a lesbian. Well openly and happy. I do get the DYKE comments from time to time, but they don’t worry me. When I told my mother I was gay she accepted right away and she supports me. New to the lesbian scene means I am only recently out and freely admit I am a lesbian. I am not one of those that jump into bed with every sexy girl, I am quite picky, I prefer older women, and they are more gentle and caring. My girlfriend Carol is 42 and she really cares about me. Funny her sex drive is much higher than mine. Heeheeheehee…

Some ask me am I not Bi, because I’ve been with men, no I am Gay, I tried the hetro thing to please society but never pleased myself. Now I please myself 1st.
Much love


Jilly you mean the world to me I love you so much.
Jillian is a very classy lady and she has a heart of gold as well as being totally gorgeous. Jillian is a wonderful friend if you take the time to get to know her.
I couldn't help falling in love with her so be warned I'm jealous as hell of anyone who wants to chat her up cos she is so sexy. I know you girls won't be able to stop yourselves all I can say is "mine :P"
I love my Jilly bean


Touch my heart with tenderness
And fill my cup with love,
Share my dreams as I share yours
And we'll reach the stars above.
Take my hand as I grow old,
And lead me when I'm blind,
I'll show you that I really care
True love is hard to find.
Touch my life and I'll touch yours
A little more each day,
And we can both find happiness
Somewhere along the way!

There are no words to express
what I feel for you.

There are no songs as beautiful,
as the music that fills my soul
when I hear your voice.

There are no roses as lovely
as your smile.
Nothing moves me like you do.

There are no days brighter than
the days I spend with you.
You're my light in the darkness...

And there could never be words
strong enough to express my love for you.

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