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Say hi to a random person. - Get HAPPY

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Do you ever just start talking to someone randomly.
I was in a  library today and just stated chatting to an old lady at first she seemed really grumpy. She had a pile of books she ordered and was picking through them. She told me she didn't like romance ones she loved thrillers. In a while she was telling me about what she thought if people, her dog, last holiday and all sorts of things we were laughing like old friends. In the end I said oh I better not keep you and she went when I thought that was fun I'll try it again and just started chatting to another woman in the library I was amazed that it worked as some other places people just look at you and walk away thinking your nuts and maybe I am a little lol.
So here a challenge for you today just start talking to someone randomly I find older people love to stop for a chat it's nice to be seen again for most think they are invisible.  A lot of people are in such a hurry they don't have time to stop so pick someone that looks like they won't run a mile when you say hi.
OK have fun with that and tell us what happens.
Just smile and be friendly it's fun.


love this story Carol. You're so right. I love talking to strangers. We're all humans at the end of the day. It feels nice to start a random conversation


I do this anytime I'm around people. I am my mothers daughter and my grandmothers granddaughter. We talk to just about everyone. We also tend to attract children and animals. I think I feel just as great when all is said and done.

Ex. Just last evening I stayed for the prayer meeting from a church I don't even attend after their bible study and when we were picking songs to sing I started to sign to myself when a women one over reached out her hand to me and was signing boldly and wanted me to be bold with her her. We were both beaming ear to ear and having a grand time like no one else was even there! Then when they asked which song next we both called out the same one, looked at each other and said at the same time "this is my favorite song" then laughed and sang and signed our hearts out. It was fantastic!

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