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2nd of May - Your WRITES

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2nd of May

This supposed happy day approaches
The day Renee’ would turn 37
I know she’d want us to celebrate
But sadly she is “Late”
So how do we spend this day?
I can’t be happy and gay

I see her walking down the hall
So fragile, yet so tall
Always wearing a smile
I’d walk a million miles, just to see that smile
She was friendly to all
And answered their every call

Yet deep inside
The body pain she did hide
Cancer was eating her away
She still believed she’d be healed one day
Then on that sad day
The angels arrived and took her away

Long did the doctors battle
But to no avail
For they were all doom to fail
She went away peacefully
Oh God! I miss her dearly

So how do I handle the 2nd of May?
By going to her beach and pray
I will tell her about my life
And leave out the troubles and strife
For I will sit on that beach
Perhaps eat a peach
I miss you Renee’ Summers
Happy birthday sweet Angel


Three friends died today on a suicide pact. Absolute tragedy…

(For Jay, Alicia, and Mag. RIP girls, blood oaths have left us crying)

Why did you do that?
Why did you slash your wrists?
And die in pools of blood

Did things get so difficult?
Did life become too unbearable?
It saddens me so
You were so young and beautiful

Three lives lost to a foolish pact
Three families destroyed in one slash
Mothers crying
Fathers asking, why?

Friends left wondering
Why you never asked for HELP
You are at peace now
But we are left behind to hurt

A three way pact of death
Did you watch as your friends died?
Did you share in their pain?
Three girls lost

“Life takes a cigarette
Puts it in your mouth
You pull on your finger
Then another finger
Then on life’s cigarette
Life’s a rock and roll suicide”


Dear Gillian

A very touching poem but do realize Renee is still there if you wish to reach out to her in your thoughts. All we have to do to reach our friends in Spirit is to think out to them as I have said to a previous correspondent. All you have to do is reach out by throwing your thoughts out and I will be putting a poem on the spiritual site shortly which will help all those who miss someone who has gone to spirit world

I am concerned about thoughts of suicide. Many people - me included in the past many years ago - find at the time that it is an ultimate end of problems and an eventual long term painless way out when in fact all suicide does in end any physical or psycholgical pain but when a suicide victim reaches spirit world.

There wont be any tea and buscuits and loads of sympathy in the way that we tend to think of it ion this side of life but they would have to go through intensive therapy and a re-learning of how to cope under such conditions once more - in the way we should have handled things in the first place on earth.

It is hard to accept this at times I know but Spirit World WILL NOT give us anything on this side of life that we cannot with a bit of effort on our side cope with ourselves. We are put on earth for a purpose that HAS GOT TO BE FULFILLED no matter for how long or how short a time it may be. We are not in any way supposed to short circuit our predestined time on earth. With patience and understanding and a bit of learning all becomes clear to us. To shorten our alloted time here on earth will have undesired affects in Spirit World for us and I am NOT talking about anything physical or psychological. All I can say it will be a lot harder from a spiritual advancement point of view and progress will take very much longer than it should do - such people will be put into places that are appointed for them

Have you seen the film Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg? May I suggest you do as it will give you a little bit of an idea of what I am talking about. Certain aspects we have just got to accept with faith that what we are taught by spirit world is correct and beneficial for us all

Please be patient nad you will see thaqt in time you will become far stronger in your mind and a great deal more able to cope with life. I hope to be putting a poem on line soon which will help you.

Good wishes and God bless Take care Leslie (Lewis).


Dearest Leslie

Thank you dear friend for your lovely response, I have seen the movie “Ghost” it was a very good movie. A little about Renee’ Summers: she was a dear and true friend, I lived with her for a few years and almost became her keeper or should I say minder. Towards the end her illness became so bad she would sleep most the time, and when she was awake she’d be writing poems. She wrote some excellent stuff, if you wanna read some of her poems I’ll send them to you.
As for the three girls who committed suicide that was real sad. When I last saw them at the club they appeared pretty happy, but we never know what was happening in their minds.
Great writing to you
Hugs and love

PS: here is one of Renee’s poems

Cancer’s Crucifix
By Renee’

Defiant in the face of death
She won’t give up her fight
Leukaemia is treacherous and deadly
She will not be crucified on that fatal cross
She will not forsake her soul
Bound to that cross
As the nails penetrate her hands
She rebels with all her might

Her soul drifts to safer places
Places that are of turquoise seas
And warm soft pearled beach sand
Feet buried as she strolls on the soft sand
Gulls yelling a sirens song
A gentle touch of a loving hand
A sweet face of a satin beauty
Draws her with loves magnetism
She falls in love at the first glance

The pain of that cancer nail
Rivets through her body
With every deadly blow
Looking at the holes oozing blood
She refuses to give in
She looks to the dark clouded heavens
And screams, No! I shall not go quietly
Into your dark nite
Bright flashes of lightening
Break through the dark clouds

No I shall not go quietly in to your cancerous nite
No! No!


I remember that weekend it was so sad and your trip to the beach made me cry.
Renee' wanted to live and when I heard about the other girls dying it just breaks my heart to think no one saw how bad they must have been feeling to do such a sad thing.
I just hope people become more aware and caring.

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