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Dreams Are More Precious Than Gold - Your WRITES

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My hands were filled with roses
Soft as clouds, light as air
Smiling brighter than the sun
Do you hear that?

Fleetly fluttering birds
Chirping sweetly
Singing the song of life
Do you see that?

Misty water falling from the sky
Angel’s tears of joy
Surrounding you with rainbows
Do you feel that?

Dewey grass between your toes
Butterfly wings fluttering across your face
A cool breeze fanning through your hair
A dream more precious than gold.


Dreams are so important as I have said to people before as they often carry messages to us to accept. If we don't accept the messages you will keep on having that same dream until the message has been received and understood.

If I can offer you an invitation to look into and join in on our spiritual group I have just taken over you will be more than welcome the group in the spiritual section is called UK and World Wide Spiritual Connections and you will see the link on the Spiritual side of Gays.com

Take care and do feel to join us and also to contribute your thoughts and experiences for us all to share with you.

Best wishes Leslie Lewis (Psychic Consultant)

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