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Fighting Inside - Your WRITES

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A clash of minds
Fighting Inside

Happy, Smiling, Stupid child
Oh so very wild

Do you hear him cry
That brilliant child, living a lie

Two halves of a whole
ever at war

High, Low
Dark, Light

Little Child
Grown mind

Fighting Inside
Opposites Collide

They're fighting inside


NIce work, succinct, are you discussig teenage angst or coming out to one's self, there is a lot of similarity there. I hope to heqr more from you,


it's about the struggle some of us go through every day, I struggle with depression, but no one can see that because out in public I'm the mad, crazy, lovable clown that light up the day.

As such it is about the unbalanced mentality that people have, the parts of us we hide and the masks we make to display to the world.

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