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A dream or a lie? - Your WRITES

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Sometimes I think hope is nothing more than a lie I keep telling myself
One day everything will be OK
No matter what I do everyone always lets me down
I have learnt to only trust myself
Tears make me stronger I tell myself
Is that another lie?
Maybe I'm a dreamer or do I just lie to myself all the time?
I don't know anymore
A dream, a lie I just do it to get by
To get through another day
I dream of you
Will that day come when dreams come true
Another excuse or is it another lie?
Well maybe I am better off without you.


At times , I wish I m a deaf
So I can't hear anymore lies
If I can't speak
At least body language never lie
I , too , asked myself a thousand
And a million times
Hence , when I look back
The ones behind
Are those who stay

Having to write this
To tell you , i m here
B/c I cherish you n many others

Ella .^__________________^.


I think it is hard sometimes to hold on to our dreams but we all need hopes and dreams. A little faith with help us when we feel down.
Dream a little dream with me and wish upon a star.

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