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my book - Your WRITES

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Chamberlain Chronicles
chapter one
It is late a josh and his wife are walking home from the ball they had just attended. The wind blew through their heavy silk cloaks and there is a glitter as the fine jewlery they wore shone in the moonlight. As they get to the door of their home they notice a small bundle on their doorstep.
Josh sighs as he picks it up. "darling someone has left a child to freeze in this weather do they not understand it is autumn and the baby could freeze?" He tosses his black hair over his shoulder as he looks the child over. "its a boy what should we do darling?" Lucinda looks down at the small baby and sighs. "we shall raise him of course. what else is there to do?"


It's a start but I would lke to read more before commenting, this could go in many paths at this point.

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