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Hurting and healing. - Lesbian Ladies

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Hurting and healing.
I read a lot of you saying you feel lost and you can't find that special someone.
But I have to ask you are you ready to meet that person?
Are you still hurting from a relationship?
Are you living in the past wishing and hoping your ex will one day come back to you?
Your ex is your ex for a reasonor maybe many reasons.
I think you have to start looking in the mirror and loving that girl you see staring back at you.
Treat yourself and learn to love yourself for the wonderful person you are.


You are so right, A lot easier said than done, learning to love yourself can take a lifetime. I know for me personally the main reason I want a partner is because I've always had to face things on my own, learn for myself. And just once I would like someone to look after me without any conditions.


I have been ready for the last 2 years but I have taken that time to know myself a little more and love myself a little more. For me its now about just getting to know others make some friends and maybe find the one. I am just not harping on it but just letting it happen.

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