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this is for info only, a friend that used to be on this site is ok, a lot better now, and is here, now , when on here i had a lot of friends , but i had to leave, most of you know me already, you will find the name gets you confused, why the name change its the one i picked a long time ago, me i am happy now, on fb, but have come back on here, as i did miss you, but not the hassle, over a few weeks you will realise just who i am, let sleeping dogs lie, some of you may get an add, its entirely up to you, as my main activity will be on fb, not here, but this site is part of LGBT, and should be a site of safety for all in the community, a happy place, a place of support, where the chat rooms and also the discussions are about what you can do to help further the LGBT rights, and not only share, but be an active participant in the fight for equal rights
christine aka ailean


Welcome Back Christine, nice 2 have u Back


mabey you can help richard, why dont you tell the other what my fb page is like, its so different from here, here there is no light,no rainbows, nothing of happines, rather glum, i know why you left me on fb, you have said that to me, my page with all the lgbt groups and transphobia and stonewall scotland, there on there they should be here. There not, lots happening the world over, and this place is silent as a grave, sorry but that must change, and instead of using cut, copy, and paste, in discussions to accuse people on here use that function to share likes, not many pics here of nice girls, or dresses, or even nice hunks of gay guys.
And management need invite a few groups :-
National Gay & Lesbian Task force
AXM club
Transgender Equality Network Ireland
Gay Star News
Yahoo pride
Gay straight alliance
All LGBT groups and support groups
Unlocking the closet
coming out or showing support
Just a small list on facebook, get them here, and them sharing, then oncemore this site will be better, and in time those that have left will return, its not up to me its up to all of you, to be a part of the community, at the moment your not, and its unfair to leave it to the few who try.
When i first found this site, i never got a welcome from the meet & greeters then, and this time the same, but not worried as most of them are on my fb page, and they know i am on here, they asked me to try and help, let the past be past, and bring some light back into this site, wipe away the cobwebs and start chatting to each other, take part in discussions.
Its your site people, so use it, at the moment its not used much, is it, you all need to help do this.

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