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Talk To Me - Get HAPPY

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Talk to me
I have found something that may help some of you.
It's called the TREVOR project.
Suicide Prevention


As many of you know I am very against bullying of any kind and I am always happy to talk to anyone who needs someone to listen.
I hope this helps.


Just had a look at this site. This site is a very good way of helping people. Thanks carol for posting this site up here . I'm surely allot of people need support :-)


Yes Carol,as you know,i am also 100% agenst Bullying my self.

Talking about Bulling,Some clown has only tried to intimerdade me.
on here. What a joke. As you know i eat these peaple up for
dinner and then spit them out.

This is a Message to that person ..............

You might of cut me off so i cannot get back in contact with you
But you have picked on the Wrong person this time MATEY.

With me you don`t cut no ice,my son. HAVE YOU GOT IT ??

( This is the BITCH coming out in me now ). ............


But now on a much lighter note now Carol.
i am like you that this what you have posted
will Help a lot of Peaple .......

Tommy lol xxxx


If I find anything I think may help I'll post it in here Shabs. If it helps one person it's worth it.

I hate that you have to deal with a jerk like that Tommy.
I hope you reported him I wish I had the power to delete people like that but blocking him is a good place to start Tommy.
You are a wonderful loving person Tommy don't let the riff ruff bother you.
We love ya
Big ((((((((((CUDDLE))))))))))


@ Carol,
Thank you for your vary kind word`s.

No worries there,these type of peaple don`t bother me one bit.
I am lucky that i have the power to ignore them. Infact Carol
i Feel sorry for them,as they must feel vary vary insecure.

Some of the thing`s this CLOWN was saying was so.so STUPID,
i just had to Lough aloud.at him,and at what he was saying.

I must admit Carol,we have some Vary,vary STUPID peaple on here
and this person is one of them...............

Anyway carol. i want to thank you for your Support and your kind word`s.
And we all love you too .........

Tommy LOL xxxxx


By the Way Carol,my B/F and i are still going Strong,and are still
vary much in Love with each other.

And i do hope that this CLOWN find`s some one too.
May be he will have to wait till he is my Age ?. ( Ha,ha,) .........
LOL xxxxxx


I have a question?

Do you know of any suicide prevention organization that does NOT lock up your phone to 911 or latch on to GPS coordinates where you can just TALK?


I don't know you can call me

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