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Was Paris a bad girl or not? - Get HAPPY

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So Paris Hilton in trouble for being secreting recorded talking to her gay friend.
Worried about people having unprotected sex is that a bad thing?
Isn't the taxi driver recording their conversion breaking the law?
We have privacy laws here in Australia that would make that illegal to record someone without their knowledge
I hope that taxi driver wasn't paid for his story.
I wouldn't like to ride in his cab.
I don't think Paris meant anything bad she was simply talking to her friend but what do you think?

If you missed the story watch the video.
Here's the link.


I think that Paris was just giving her oppion .........


Carol , just wanna tell you I love all your posts especially this one b/c I love Paris much

Everyone needs a little privacy , not just many of us , celebrities too. But what I actuaally seen are .. They are never given just b/c they are celebrities n It kinda makes me feel , they sacrificed. Some sacrificed for fame while the rest work hard to gain popularity. Paparazzi always follow up on their personal lives n should given them more space in their personal lives at least. What Paris had said , I have no idea what is wrong w that cabby. He's so not professional. If only people learn to respect , does that really kill to just give a little respect ? Privacy is essential eepecially in most peoples' personal life. Just like the previous Prince Harry's news. Sometimes they too need a little space to spice up their life ..

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