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i wanna be the motorbike in a traffic jam
i wannt be found when i dont know where i am
i wanna sleep when i want to and have my friends around
i wanna listen to my music without turning the sound down

u wanna right the wrongs when they need to be righted
i wanna be someone who deserves to be knighted
i wanna have some fun when theres no fun to be had
i wanna be allowed just sometimes to be bad

i wanna win something because i never ever do
come now believe me, i promise you its true
i wanna make my own decisions just because i can
i wanna stay in control when things get out of hand

i wanna be treated like im not the final challenge
i need you just to listen instead of talkin out of habit

i wanna be the one who gets the extra slice of cake
i waanna be the youngest for just one day
i wanna pretend im right even when im wrong
i wanna be supported when i try to keep strong

i wanna be asked advice cause i am the smartest
i wanna work it like a pro and be the greatest artist
i wanna always succeed in everything i try
i wanna be accepted even when we dont see eye to eye

i wanna be allowed to be proud of me
i wanna be myself im no different to who you see
i wanna learn from my mistakes but never make any
im just like you, walking in the path of many.


I like this


Bekk , this is good !!!


awesome x

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