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Lol - Okay I know many of us could be lesbians n also again m not talking about labels in fact. My topic is about .. OMG ! Some male celebrities can be .. O_o woooooooo .. HOT lol .. Share w us .. Any favorite male celebrities ?

Top 5

1. Chris Hemsworth - He seriously stunned me when I watched Thor .. And the part where makes him like he is so hungry , O_OMG his body built hahaha .. I just find him cute though n certainly his marriage life makes me feel envious hahaha .. So happy for him , his wife n his newborn baby .. And also when he starred in Snow White n The Huntsman w Kristen Stewart , It's really a MUST watch movie hahaha x^___^x

2. Ewan Mcgregor - Can anyone tell me how can he sing so well w all his emotions in Moulin Rouge please ? lol Oh my , his eyes when he looks at Nicole Kidman .. So charming lol But I wonder why he is different though when he starred in Miss Potter w Renee Zellweger ... Anyways , he is just charming haha

3. Gerard Butler - He is so Idk how to describe lol But I would really love watching his movies , From Law Abiding Citizen , The Bounty Hunter n when I knew he starred w Jennifer Aniston haha gives me a MUST reason to watch lol If anyone here who likes movies , he has another film I would strongly recommend , Gamer. I cried in this film lol

4. Taylor Lautner - OMG ! ! ! hahaha I can't help liking the way he looks at Bella as Jacob n he is just .. okay sorry Twilight fans hahaha I like him more than Edward .. I m one of the Twilight fan too hahaha But Lautner is just so cute hahaha But the movie Abduction is not that nice but wooooo Lily Collins , you are way too cute too ! ! ! lol

5. Zac Efron - Well I find him cute in 17 Again so I pretty much like him n he is pretty charming .. Hell - Hollywood is crazy lol Too many HOT celebrities .. LOL xD


Now this is a HOT HOT HOT topic to talk on hehe. Must say i am very impressed with your choice of HOT men Ella lolz.

Chris Hemsworth - Totally blows away my mind. not just his body but damn i love his smile just everything about him :-)

Gearard Butter - Indeed one of the sexiest men in the hollywood his paring with aniston was awesome.Both looking super sexy lolzzz enjoyed them more then the movie lol

Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron - Both are hot me not very crazy for them. got to agree Taylor does have a HOT HOT body.

My List would go like

for now only 10 but the list can go on lolzzzzzzz dont ask me why i like then cause i can go on and on :-)


I thought I'd share with you a list of sexy aussies guys and girls some you may know and some you may not have seen yet.
1. Chris Hemsworth
2. Miranda Kerr
3. Emily Browning
4. Hugh Jackman
5. Anna Torv
6. Isabel Lucas
7. Ryan Kwanten
8. Nicole Kidman
9. Teresa Palmer
10. Yvonne Strahovski
11. Gemma Ward
12. Emilie de Ravin
13. Indiana Evans
14. Radha Mitchell
15. Elyse Taylor
16. Rachael Taylor
17. Alex O'Loughlin
18. Holly Valance
19. Heath Ledger
20. Cate Blanchett
21. Simon Baker
22. Russel Crowe
23. Rose Byrne
24. Melissa George
25. Abbie Cornish
26. Liam Hemsworth
27. Jesse Spencer
28. Kylie Minogue
29. Miranda Otto
30. Portia de Rossi
31. Phoebe Tonkin
32. Peta Wilson
33. Isla Fisher


Johnny Depp definitely


You know Shabsapova , I actually wanna include Hugh Jackman n Bradley Cooper .. And I absolutely love Hugh in X-Men And also Bradley in Hangover .. You do have some similar taste as me too :P heeheehee

Waw Carol , you should go on lol Perhaps make It 50 heeheehee .. And Among those lists , It is a loss for Hollywood w/o Heath Ledger :'(

hahahhaa Elena , n you only got 1 ? I so not gonna believe you lol ..

Omg , I so love Nicole Kidman too Carol


Yea thats what i was thinking too kind of similar taste of men lol .Omg did y'all see the picture of Zac Efron with Nicole Kidman Zac was just in his undershorts lol.. Kidman is just super sexy just HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.


Channing Tatum ....

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