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We can't let homophobia and prejudice decide Roger's fate. - The Gay Christian Network

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Please pray for this young man and sign the petition if you agree, with All Out.org

Dear Andre,

Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé just spent a year prison in Cameroon for sending this SMS to another man: I'm very much in love w/u.

Roger has a new hearing on Monday, but he's facing two more years in a jail where he faced daily abuse from guards and horrific health conditions. Homosexuality is still illegal in Cameroon, but President Paul Biya and the Minister of Justice could put a stop to this right now by freeing Roger and declaring a moratorium on this discrimanatory law. President Biya has been swayed in the past by international pressure and knows that Cameroon's reputation is at stake.

We have just a few days to raise a massive outcry and keep Roger from going back to jail. Will you sign the petition now calling on President Biya and the Minister of Justice to free Roger and end Cameroon's anti-gay laws?


This problem is bigger than just Roger. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Cameroon major are facing a major crackdown right now – more than 20 people have been arrested in the last year because they're suspected of "homosexual behavior."

Even Roger's own family have turned their backs on him in disgust, leaving him fighting for his freedom alone. He told us, "Now, my family says I'm dangerous and they can not live with a homosexual. Cameroonians know who I am now. I don't know how I will even be able to go back to school and get a job."

We can't let homophobia and prejudice decide Roger's fate. The law's not with him, his family’s not with him. If 50,000 of us speak out before Monday, Cameroon's President and Minister of Justice will know they need to act. Will you sign the petition and call on them to free Roger and end Cameroon's anti-gay laws?


Thanks for going All Out.

Andre, Aviya, Guillaume, Hayley, Jeremy, Joe, Leandro, Marisa, Mike, Pablo, Sara, Tile, Wesley, and the rest of the All Out team

P.S. – After you sign, please share Roger's story with your friends by forwarding this email or on Facebook. Right now, with so many eyes on Roger's case, each additional voice can make a huge difference.


I went to the website and filled in the details and wrote a message to President Biya. However I couldn't see exactly how to send it. I clicked on the "Sign" button hoping that was it. Was that the correct procedure or should I have done something else? I was really looking for a 'Send' button.

I can't believe that people in this age are being locked up because they love another person. That is terrible.



John, You are correct, when you click on the sign button you sent it. and actually if you look at where the people from all over the world are signing it, your name and country (flag) will showed that you cared enough about this issue to sign. Thank you for Him and me. In this day and age, people still love to hate, and ignore the commandment, Thou shalt not kill, and still they hang, shoot, stone, decapitate and still torture people, for all sorts of reasons. These people need to be educated, but they are still struggling for clean water, food, and so on. So while we are living in comfort, many people are not. They've never seen or heard of a T.V, , IPhone, Ipad, and so on. But we can try to make the world a better place, before we are laid to rest, that is our test.


Oh, thank goodness that did it, well actually I sent it twice then.....
I read the story and It's unbelievable that he should be put in jail for loving someone. It just makes me sick. I know some of the horrible things done as I work with some of the Sudanese around me. They are lovely people and they've all been through extreme trauma and sometimes torture. And that's torture for helping people escape, saving hundreds of lives from a terrorist government.


They are blessed because they have you. As I have often said: "If we are not here for each other, then we have no business being here at all."

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