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Four Marines Arrested In CA After Beating Gay Man Into Unconsciousness (VIDEO) - The Gay Christian Network

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Four Marines Arrested In CA After Beating Gay Man Into Unconsciousness (VIDEO)

Source: Addicting Info

Source link: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/09/06/four-marines-arrested-in-ca-after-beating-gay-man-into-unconsciousness-video/

September 6, 2012
By Justin Acuff

In an awful incident in Long Beach, California, four USMC service members allegedly beat an openly homosexual man into unconsciousness in what is possibly being considered a hate crime by authorities.

The assault took place outside of the Silver Fox, a bar that is well-known throughout the gay community of Los Angeles as a popular spot. The victim did not reveal his name nor appear on camera due to a fear for his life. “I don’t want them to see who I am. They have friends out there,” the man said, as reported by CBS.

“He starts pushing me and calling me f–. I told him I was gonna call police,” the victim said to CBS reporter Stacey Butler, “I remember blacking out. All I remember is being put next to the curb.”

CBS Los Angeles reported the following witness statements:

Police arrested the four Marines after they say the suspects beat the full-time film student until he passed out. They may be charged with a hate crime.

Charlie Harris was working in the bar and ran to help.

“You could hear the punches…it was bad,” Harris said.

“You just saw fists, and muscles, and tattoos, and all those guys were on top of him,” David, the victim’s boyfriend, said. He said he was too shocked to move.

The victim’s boyfriend, David, said that Harris’ defensive actions likely saved his boyfriend’s life. He

fought the four until police arrived.

Here’s the video: http://youtu.be/ph6duysyEIY


This is horrible. This is just when I was beginning o have respect for the military and then these fools have to ruin it...I realize four bastards do not necessarily mean they are all bad...


You are quite right to be indigent especially when they came into "Our Space" and were polite enough to ask permission, stating that they were straight and they were welcomed into that club, Imagine if we went into a straight club, stated that we were gay, and if they didn't mine if we stayed? From what I understand their careers as Marines are over. For they will have a double dose of Justice. One from the military courts and then from the civilian courts. If they do jail time, they will learn a valuable lessen, on what it is to prey on others, if they survive.
It's a sad affair all around, and as it may be that the Marines Hierarchy, may make an example of them so that others will be more cautious in the future, we can only hope. I had read comments that are deleted because they received so many negative votes that actually blamed the victim. Thank God for MEN like Charlie Harris, who fought with them until the police arrived all on his own, so that they could be brought to justice. Please pray for the victim of this tragic event, his life may never be the same. I know I was abused and I am "hyper vigilant" at all times. checking and concern for my safety as well as others who think, there's no problem! We are not there yet, and if President Obama doesn't win we may never be, so please vote! I am sorry that this post disturbs you but we always need to be aware, of our surroundings, and so I posted it here to help others. I have asked Charlie Harris to be my friend on face book and thanked him for doing what I think the whole bar should have done, mess with one of us you mess with all of us!


This is insane! THe four men must be severely for their actions!


And they will be! they better get used to the idea of being some one's bottom, where they are going. I have no doubt that the justice system will give them the maximum sentences, just to tell others if you do this then you better expect this. I have no doubt that they will be sent to different prisons, so that they can not offer each other either protection or solace. They will know the full weight of their actions, when someone in jail does the same to them. It is not my wish that happens, but the saying "Do unto others, AS you would have them DO unto you". Seems justified!


Yes, some of them have been removed, so it's important that people give them a thumbs down. I have often said that "If you take away some peoples' hate, there would be nothing left, because that's all they know and are, Just hateful, and the worst part of it is that they are proud of their hate."

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