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Caution! This may be hard to read, but it was inspired by a true story I watched - Your WRITES

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The Monster in Your House

He is not your man,
He’s not your uncle,
He’s certainly not your friend,
He is the man that beats you down,
I know... this is no way to begin.

But the broken blood vessels in your eyes,
Bruises and two cracked ribs,
He is the devil inside your home,
Who controls the way you

He tortures you at every turn,
Raped and beat you,
Leaving you helpless and naked in the shower,
Then he turns to your wilting mother,
To show he has the power.

The vodka bottles lying on the floor,
Your mother surrounded by booze and pills,
He’s beating the fight right out of you,
It’s hard but you must find your will.

You need to find the will to live
You’re merely hanging on!
You’re mother loves you but she can’t stand for you,
She needs you to be strong.

You can’t stand alone in this,
There are people, who can help,
Don’t continue to be the victim,
Take the power for yourself!

He is not your friend,
He’s your jailer,
You can no longer afford to be a martyr
The respect he demands is ludicrous!
A man does not do this to his

Bobbye Webb


That was powerful.


Anastasia Pellecchia,

Thank you very much.

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