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It is true, for the most part, that people should gain experience and knowledge as they grow older, but there is no truth in the thinking that older people cannot learn anything from younger people. I believe that older people have much to learn from the younger generation.
Younger people could help older people shape new opinions about the world today, show them newer or better ways of doing things, and just teach them in ways that might have been impossible when the older person was their age. They indeed have much to learn from the younger generation. Young people could instruct them in the subject of new technologies and the skills needed to use it, and they could also make the older generation more familiar with the youth culture, as it is today. The basic ideas of growing up and becoming who they really are haven’t really changed, but the rules governing them, have changed drastically over the years.

Younger people could teach older people the new skills associated with modern technology. As everyone knows, there are new technological advancements made nearly every day, Even for people who are familiar with modern technology, it is sometimes hard to keep up, so it must be even more difficult for older people, who see these things as beyond their understanding, or somehow have a normal fear when it comes to computers or anything in this new age of information and communication.
Younger people are normally more knowledgeable in the use of computers and the internet, but many older people have trouble learning the applications required to use this technology. It isn’t the older person’s fault, though, because younger people have been raised with this technology, while the older ones find it all new and very intimidating at times.
Besides computers, there are many other gadgets that older people may have trouble learning to use such as smart phones, smart televisions, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPS, and game systems. However, younger people could instruct the older generation in these applications if given the chance. The adage, “You’re never too old to learn,” still applies, if the older person is truly willing.

We often hear about the problems associated with generation gaps. These problems are caused mainly by a lack of communication as well as hesitation to communicate at all, by both young and old. Younger people often think when you reach a certain age, you’re no longer useful to society, while the older generation thinks that wisdom only comes with age.
However, the problems associated with these generation gaps could be alleviated if both younger people and older people communicated more. Today’s forms of entertainment, language, products, as well as different ways of doing things, could be the tools to bridge the gap that, for some reason has always existed, even now in this new century.
Younger people could teach this 21st Century technology and culture to older people, creating a common bond so both generations would be able to enjoy them together, thereby opening new lines of communication. By taking part in these cultural changes together, a mutual understanding can be fostered, which will benefit both.

Unfortunately, it is still often assumed that older people have little to learn from younger people, only because many older people still have the arrogant belief that because they are older, they are more intelligent, wiser, and better suited to deal with life’s situations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Younger people could really help older people a lot, especially in the areas of current events, world affairs, new skills with modern technologies, education in the overall culture of modern youth, and in just enjoying life, which in turn, will promote mutual respect, acceptance, and understanding. All that is needed is for the generations to give each other a chance. They may be surprised at the results. Younger people need to understand that older people are a wealth of knowledge and experience, things you can’t always get off of the internet. The older people need to understand that today’s youth is more intelligent and more advanced in the use of modern technology than any other generation in the history of the world. They both have something to offer one another. They both have something to give to the world. Despite the differences in their generations, in truth, they are very much alike.


Your argument is flawed, even if the premiss is correct. The reason the younger generation has more knowledge of modern technology is that they have grown up with it, but this is not something new. This has always been the case , the younger generation is more familiar with modern technology than the previous generation was. It is not something new. The only difference is that the changes have been more dramatic over the last two generations.

However, your argument ignores one crucial factor - it is the older generation that created this new technology!!!! They did not have computers, space travel, the internet so what did they do? They created it. It is now up to the younger generation to decide what they do not have, and get on and invent that, not just to sit back and enjoy what they have.

Also the older generation has the experience. When things go wrong big time it is they who have been there before, seen it, and know the way to solve the problem, This is often ignored in modern business who just employ young aggressive workers. Then when things go wrong big time it cannot be put right. If there had been far more experienced workers amongst the bankers then there is a good chance the worst of the present world banking crisis could have been avoided.

It IS very important that the two generations communicate as much as is possible. If the skills of the older generation are not passed on then they will simply die out. Such skills as Thatching, hedge Laying, Hurdle Making etc etc.

The old do not have the prerogative of wisdom, the young do not have all the answers. If the two can work together with mutual trust and understanding then the world could move forward in a way not seen before, and it would be wonderful for everyone.

I am of the younger generation, but I learn so much from the older generation. Would I like my teachers to all be 20 years old, I don’t think so!!!! SHould I ignore all poetry and writing over 25 years old?? Is Shakespeare old fashioned rubbish with nothing to teach me!!

I try to write poetry and I compare it with the great writers. I am lucky my poor scribblings are not ignore, but it is those with more experience that can point me in the right direction and help me raise my quality of writing. At the same time I can write about subjects ignored by the older generation and make them sit up and think about their own writing. It is a mutual support system.

I hope the two generations do communicate better and more often, but their must be mutual respect for the other parties vies if it is to be a beneficial communication.

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