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Leave me in this dark place - Your WRITES

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Why do you hide my child?
When I hear you speak of being out and proud
Why are there so many names without faces
and people hiding in a crowd.
Why are you not free and wild?
Why you hide hide in dark places?
Why cut at your skin?
Wouldn't it be better to let someone in?

"You don't know me" I hear you scream.

But I am here and I and hear to listen if you want to speak.

"How can you know what I have to deal with?
I've been beaten black and blue.
What does my pain have to do with you?"

I know I can't changed your past
All I can give is love that will last.
Take my hand and give me your trust
and all those bad memories we will wash away
until they turn to rust.

I will stand next to you and hold your hand
and together we will make a stand.

"No leave me be" you whisper at me
"Leave me in this dark place where it is cold and lonely
no one bothers me here and I hide and watch people pass.
Quiet someone comes near leave me now
Alone with my fear"


stark,evocative and wonderful xxxxxxxxxx


I know this was a bit random but I seem to get this alot when I start talking to girls on the net. So many out there think they are alone and try to push everyone away. It is sad and it just makes me want to talk and listen to them even more. I want to help if I can but sadly I can only do so much.

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