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10 Nice Things To Do - Get HAPPY

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[ 10 Things To Do To Make Yourself Happy ]

1. Once you got your sleepy head up in the morning (lol) , come on ! ! ! lol Don't be so reluctant to get up , It's time for work / school.. Prepare a nice bath , after you washed your face , (please - only after you wash your face lol) Look at the mirror , tell the person you see in the mirror "Waw You look great ! Today is gonna be a perfect day."

2. Pat your Mum's head n tell her "Mummy , m leaving house now. See you later. Love you Mummy"

3. Get your IPOD ready , n hum to your fav song while walking down the stairs. Sing If you want to lol.

4. Give way to cyclists. Unless you wanna prepare get hit by them lol (just joking :P) Don't block the way , be nice .. You see someone walking pretty fast , make your move to your left side. (Or If he / she is running , rushing for that bus)

5. Smile to all the girls when you are boarding the train .. Okay that's a joke lol Of course no hahahhaaha .. Keep to the side.. O_omg , don't stand in the middle =/ Let the commuters alight first before you board. Give up your seat (I know lol It's always so comfy to get a seat though.. aww come on .. Just take your seconds to get up heeheehee) to those who need more than you. (An elderly , a mother carrying her kid / baby , a pregnant woman) And put on a smile when they say Thank You to you. And please don't step on those who wear slippers lol , It hurts If you do so , please .. say Sorry ..

6. Once you reach your destination , whether It's your school , or your workplace .. Take a seat n close your eyes for just few seconds , breathe some fresh air.. (When I said close your eyes , don't fall asleep lol .. )

7. Say Good Morning to your Classmates , Teachers , The Principal , Bosses n Superiors or your colleagues. Get yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee n enjoy your breakfast. Ask the person who is sitting next to you , "Hi , Morning .. Have you taken your breakfast ? I made some sandwich , would you like some too ?" Or "Hey , Pearlyn .. I'm getting some coffee .. What would you like ?" And you know what ? She will be so happy .. Coz she is too lazy to get up :P (Lol O_o I'm just joking :P) And say Thank You to those who actually buy you lunch or help you when you need some advice..

8. Send a text to me lol I m just joking again hahaha .. Send a text to your best friend , or give a surprise call to me hahahaa I m joking xD

9. Get yourself a copy of Ellen Degeneres (Seriously...I'm Kidding) book n you can enjoy reading while you are heading home ))

10. Home Sweet Home Call out your Mum who is preparing dinner for you "Mummy , I'm home" Sits down w her n enjoy dinner .. After your dinner .. Tell you mum "Mummy , Thanks for the dinner .. It was yumlicious" Where are you going ? Go back to the kitchen n wash up the dishes LOL ...


Send a text to you sure Give ur number lolzzzzzzzzzzz. I loved that book (Seriously I'm kidding) it was so funny


Her book is really awesome. It is the most entertaining book I ever bought for myself for my birthday present n also 2 tops from Denizen coz It's on promotion hahahhahahahahaaa 6-235-35-35 pizza hut delivery hahahahahhahahhaha That's the number you should call n GET HAPPY w Pizzaassssss O_o LOL


hahahahahahahahahahahaha..That's a very long number for pizza hut i like dialing 1112 and within 30mins i get my veg pan pizza wanna join in ? lol. I purchased her book before i could leave to India. Finished reading it in 2 sittings my sister was like why you smiling so much. i was like Read it and you will know.


1112 :O In Thailand you just need to dial 4 numbers ? Hell - I hate to remember numbers lol I used to be able not to search for contact list n I can call my friends in less than seconds. Btw lemme tell you something funny :P Out of 240 contacts in my cellphoone , Idk who they are lol Coz most are clients n customers xD And worse when they text me n ask how I m , I don't even know who m talking to hahahahhahahahahaaa O_o

Yeah m hungryyyy Don't you keep the crust for me only :P lol Yeah , Ellen is truly awesome. There is never a book that make me feel so happy to read of course m not talking about those joke book lol


Its just 4 numbers but that itself i need to call the yellow pages and find out everytime. Hate numbers no wonder i hated maths.
lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you have people numbers whom you dont even know lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or remember El there is something known as saving the contact with names hahahahahahahaha

I wonder the look on your face when you receive a text from them and are like Hmmm btw whom am i talking to lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz omg i would be rolling on the floor with laughter .

How did you know that i would keep the crust only for you. I never like eating that part of the pizza althought its yummy hehe. El have you read her previous books too ? How were they ? I read Portia book The Unbearable Lightness oh man it was so heartbreak to read all that but was so happy she finally found true love and is all healthy again.


lol I m not that good in maths too but I m pretty good in cashiering lol )) Yeah each time I browse at their names , It took me awhile to think who she is n I always give up thinking :P lol Sometimes I have more than one name like for instant I might have Anne (more than 1 Anne) lol Idk where they came from n It's like so embarrassing to ask , but I still manage to find out =/ LOL

Yeah lol I do reply well It's not good not to reply so It actually go like this Shabs .. "You receive a message from ?"
Open ? Yes Open .. Anne 8xxxxxxxx .. O_o uhummmm Me : "who is Anne ??? "

"Ella , how are you. It has been awhile we haven't talk. "

So I replied "Hi Anne , yes been ages huh ? I m all good , but I have a bad news here n I hope you don't mind"

Anne replied n say "What bad news ?"
My reply "I got more than one Anne in my contact list lol , I m so sorry "

hhahahhaahahahaahahahahhaaa well she laughed too lol

Portia had a book too :O:O:O Really ??? No I only get her latest copy coz I will have to try to get Ellen's previous book .. Yes she found Ellen n Ellen found her


Who isnt good with the cash lol. ;-) Ohh having more then 1 person with the same name can get so confusing i always add some desciption next to their name so i remember them like (Jane bitchy school mate, Jane thai mate ) or sometimes just their last names.
The look on their face when they read your text saying you dont remember who they are lol priceless lolzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yea i'm actually looking forward to reading her new book i guess it comes out next year not sure. I heard she is writting a other book now. Do read it El you will love it. I am actually looking out if i can read ellen books online dont wanna pay the shipping cost and stuff turns out way to expensive :-(


Lol why would you gonna do that online ? I want her books though so I will somehow rather not have my lunch , I will get her book lol

hahahahha noooooooo I'll never save names likes bitchy whatsoever LOL O_omg .. Idk why would I got their number too lol Perhaps It just happen , n I reckon they won't gonna call n I never expect to receive their texts lol

Looks like Imma gonna hit that book store Hopefully I could get her 2 other books n Portia's too ))


They aint selling her books here and i have no option. Me not a fan of reading books online i love reading a book the old fan way.

trying saving it like that you'll kind of like it :-)


Oh ? Not in Thailand too That means I don't think I'd able to find It in here lol


The have portia book in store now but non of ellen's :-(


Aww Anyways at least you are able to watch Ellen's show ? I can't watch many here n will love to watch Sugar Rush =/ But my broadband is killing me lol


Nah. i dont get to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show they dont telecast it here. Crappy people Arghhhh. OMG you still havent watch Sugar Rush Ellaaa your missing a very hot series. hehe I just finished watching TRLW 3 it was crappy :-( very dissapointing.


I missed loads of nice British n American series I wanna watch Nikita too lol Why has the price not even as low as possible for the Dvds xD lol Damn ) I know I missed a lot m trying to save up for next year's trip lol ..

I have spent about $70 this month on DVD , coz I missed loads of movies too lol So m all catching up. My broadband is too slow like a snail that is why I can't get to watch online. I even watched Bad Teachers halfway lol But that was at a best friend house lol


btw how's that series Nikita ? seen the DVD on sale here but never thought of purchasing it. Didnt know if its worth the money hehe. Bad Teachers was a horrible horrrible movie hehe 70$ for DVD wow thats 2000THB its actually a good deal if you purchase alot of dvds. Here just 1 series cost me around a 1000 bucks errr. Why dont you increase your connection speed ?


O_ohhh no lol m not a high tech person .. If It is not for this site , I wouldn't be online xD lol I spent most of my time to work =/ I missed a big part of life .. I started online for just a year plus :P

Why is Bad Teachers horrible :O ? I like Cameron Diaz but not her the other film - what's that called uhummm A sisterkeeper's diary ? lol I like her after watching Charlie Angels

Idk the currency rate in here to baht O_o lol Yeah but I must try not to spent so much on Dvds :P I had them w me , coz I had a birthday discount haha And moreover It is worth the discount price .. I haven't even seen Nikita n I m watching Glee the 3rd time lol


Hahaha watching Glee the 3rd time to get the feel of season 3 :-) I loved her in Charlie Angels with all that action wow only a fool would say NO hehe. I guess i should thank this site then for introducing Ella Li to the high tech world hehe. Do you like buy the DVDS or just rent them ? Man I'm sure you got lots of dvds stored in your house hehe Mind if i borrow them just for a few months or maybe years lol :-)


N O nooooooooooooooo LOL Those are my collections n I m bad at keeping them anyways , you will have a shock lol .. I really not know how to keep them in the past so now I know , my poor Dvds. One thing about me , I hate to rent lol .. I prefer to buy but I know the price will defo drop so I'll wait :P heehee hell - the most costly one I ever bought was Barbie Dvd xD That was for my friend's daughter .. I just love her daughter so much that I bought for her n waited for 2 months to buy my own movies lol ..

I heard the Glee's Season 3 is not v good so I stopped watching .. Perhaps when I really wanna watch I might lol And I love Charlie Angels n I know I have the Dvd but I can't remember If I watched both :P and also , my Dvds are really really alot .. O_omg all are dust now lol


Awwwww thats sweet a Barbie dvd i never got one of those :-( My parents got me only one barbie doll since i always lost my toys hehe.

Yea the 3rd season of glee is boring nothing that great but i am kind of looking forward to season 4 now its sure going to be different. lol you got the dvd but dont know where you kept them lolzzzzzz. Damn i am starting to imagine your collection. lolz


O_omg ! I never like Barbie dolls :P Scare the cheese out of my chocolates when I see them .. lol I prefer teddies .. heeheehee .. But some series of Barbie is really pretty nice to watch n I love the songs lol

Really ? I guess that's what I heard too about the S 3 but I watched It again coz I love the Gwyneth Paltrow part , that's my fav part Yeah I used to chuck my DVDs anywhere in the room :P lol


Aww i love teddies too but barbies are so pretty.They are ltoys who love fashion . You remember that band name "Aqua" their hit number "I'm a Barbie Girl" hehe cracks me up always.

Gwyneth Paltrow. She's hot. I love the song "Do you wanna Touch" So HOTT and Landsile by far one of my favourite songs of all time.

Btw are you aware the we have taken this post to 3 pages now. lolz


Waw classic lol Yes I do , and that song was a real hit back then .. Now they disbanded are they ?

Yes ;D That's what m talking about ;P She makes my jaw drop when the moment she sings n she dances .. WAW O_O hahahhaa I can't keep my eyes away from her heeheehee .. Landsile ???

Yes I do lol I wonder what were the previous pages about :P lol


A total hit number got everyone loving barbies. They are still a band and seem to be doing good but I haven't heard much of their songs. Actually me not really a fan of the group.
Here check out this video. It's the song landslide I was talking about, but this is the glee version of it. Let me know what you think of it.

You know I so hope she comes back to glee again. Me kind if miss her and the excitement she brings along with her :-)

I'm pretty sure we are totally off from the post topic lol.


I so wanted to watch that .. I tried clicking on a few times n It says not found or connection reset T____________________T

I love the song by Katharine Mcphee. She sings Connected in there .. I have to watch w my friend's daughter when she excited wanted me to watch w her "Aunty Ella , can you watch w me please" Oh It is so hard to say no to her b/c she's such a little 9Yo Sweetheart..

First , I really never thought that Gwyneth can dance n sing so well which make me really amazed n It's just fascinating .. All I can say , most of the best is her while I certainly not enjoying the part where they include that April Rhodes If you know who m talking about , Idk what's her real name anyways lol .. And also I like Mr Schuester in his Acafella. He has this sexy moves xD

Wish I can dance lol Only If that 's not gonna break my arms again when I tried doing a flip :') lol

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