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Team Staddlemire -- Part 2 - Your WRITES

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Sitting up in her bed, Chiselle rubbed the polish on her breastplate lovingly and scrubbed it with the determination she gave when sparring or studying. Meticulously she scrubbed away at every corner and in every crevasse, obsessively making sure her armour was well polished and maintained.
Sarah sat in her bed pouring over her books with keen interest while Beatrice sat at the desk and read, then wrote, read some more, then wrote. A yawn escaped her lips and she sat back, stretching and she turned to Chiselle.
“For someone so messy, you certainly like your armour to be clean.” She commented.
Chiselle looked up, then back to her armour and continued her polishing.
“Armour is a tool. Much like that book is a tool for learning. Were that book torn, faded to illegibility, or stained it would hinder your learning. If armour is poorly maintained if can fail you at a crucial moment. I’ve seen men die, and killed men because of poor maintenance of their weapons and armour.”
“And leaving clothes and stuff strewn about can make you trip and fail you as well.” Beatrice quipped.
Chiselle smiled. “You’ve gotten bolder.” She said and chuckled as she polished away. “I’m glad you’re starting to talk more. Even if it is just to me for now.”
Sarah turned her head towards her roommates “She said something to me yesterday.”
Chiselle lifted the rag from her armour for a moment as she gestured towards Beatrice. “That’s good, see. Nothing to be afraid of. Soon you’ll be bossing us around and beating up bullies around the school. ”
Sarah and Beatrice giggled.
“We won’t be able to shut her up.” Sarah added.
“and we’ll be serving detentions every day for all the talking back she does to her teachers.”
All 3 girls giggled for a few moments when there came a knock on their door. The girls went silent for a moment then Sarah turned to Chiselle “You’re closest.”
With a sigh, Chiselle said “So I am.” And put her armour and rag down and stood up to hear yet another knock at the door. She casually walked over to the door and opened it, revealing Evelyn on the other side.
Evelyn smiled and waved at everyone in the room. “Hi everyone.” She said cheerfully, before her eyes locked on Chiselle. She casually pointed her finger at her as she spoke “I read something interesting the other day, mind if I ask you some questions…” she looked at the other two girls “in private?” Chiselle glanced back to her roommates. “Anything you can say to me, you can say to them.”
“This is of a matter to which they may find…. Uncomfortable. No offense, girls.” She said raising her hand and shaking her head.
Chiselle shrugged and raised her hand, pointing out into the hall. “Lead the way” she said, putting her arm back down and looking at her roommates once more. Evelyn stepped back and Chiselle stepped with her, closing the door on her way.
Evelyn led Chiselle down the hall until they reached the next door. Evelyn opened it, stepped in, and held the door until Chiselle entered and moved past the door. Evelyn closed the door, her back to Chiselle as Chiselle looked about the room.
The layout was exactly the same as her room. 3 beds against the wall, the desk against the wall opposite the wall, a bed to its left, the window and the other 2 beds to its right.
Evelyn turned as did Chiselle. Evelyn then looked down a moment then looked directly into Chiselles eyes.
“I read something about Northerners. I wasn’t sure if it were true so I thought I’d ask you.”
“Go ahead.”
“Apparently, under some circumstances 2 women are allowed to marry.”
Chiselle took in a deep breath and slowly breathed out.
“Was that in a text book, or my student file?”
“Text book of course.”
“Well… yes under some circumstances two women can marry. Circumstances outside that are very grey.”
“I’m curious, what are those circumstances?”
“A female soldier may marry a woman who has had children, and lost her husband. Since there are so many men that die in battle, they allow some women, like me, to join the military. Often those women are more like men than women and… peruse relationships with women instead. At first they were a little… uncomfortable with it as first. But if that woman has already had her children and is a widower, this was much more acceptable. “
“What was it like being brought up with 2 moms?”
Chiselle pondered for a few moments. “Liberating.” She said simply.
“Hmm. What do you mean by that?”
“My siblings and I were free to do what we want. Not that we weren’t disciplined, but that… we was completely free to choose our future where most with fathers don’t give as much choice, often insisting on having the same vocation, or insisting on a certain partnership.”
Evelyn nodded her head slowly “Very interesting. So…”
“How’d you know about my parents?”
Evelyn gasped slightly and gave no response.
“How’d you know I was an elementalist? Or a veteran soldier?”
Evelyn smiled. “I found you very interesting and asked around.”
“and Beatrice and Sarah? You knew what they were too, headmaster.”
“Headmaster... I guess I can’t convince you otherwise, can I? I honestly didn’t think you’d figure it out since you’re so unfamiliar with the school and this part of the country.”
“It was Beatrice that figured it out. Although I did have a feeling that you were different. I couldn’t place it though.”
Evelyn nodded “Beatrice. Resourceful girl. “
“Who else has she told?”
“As far as I know, no one else. “
“I don’t know. Possibly.”
“So… what now?”
“Why are you so interested in us?”
Evelyn smiled “Right now I’m mostly interested in you, but… well Sarah’s parents came to me… about a month ago. Because she’s so small, they wanted assurances she was protected as well, being from such an influential family they wanted her to have the best team she could possibly have. They probably meant other prestigious families, but when I read about you and Beatrice, I just knew you three would make a formidable team. As well with your… experience… there’s no one more qualified in this school to protect her.”
“So what do you mean right you’re more interested in me?”
“I just find it interesting how different you culture us.”
Chiselle took a few steps forward, stopping about 50 centimeters away from Evelyn and then she raised her hand and put it on the side of Evelyn’s shoulder.
“That’s all?” Chiselle asked breathlessly.
“Of course.” She replied, lowering her head a bit.
Chiselle lifted her other hand and placed it under Evelyn’s chin and gently lifted her head.


Chiselle swung her broadsword over her head, smashing into the shoulder of the plate-clad dwarf, her other hand shot forward and knocked the dwarf’s helmet off. Wasting no time, she gripped his face in her hand and flames erupted from her hand, burning the dwarves face for a few moments before she kicked him off with her boot. The illusion dissipated as it fell to the ground.
Beatrice wove her hands, within moments a web of glowing white energy shot out, enveloping another dwarf and knocking him down. Sarah pushed her hands forward, erecting a barrier around herself and Beatrice as Chiselle gripped her sword with both hands and swung it backwards, finding its mark in the chest of another dwarf, knocking him down.
Another dwarf behind Chiselle lifted its hammer ready to strike. Beatrice wove her hands and in a few moments, Sarah lowered her barrier, Beatrice then immediately sent a bolt of blue energy at the dwarf, striking him square on the shoulder, making him turn slightly and losing his grip on his hammer. He turned to Beatrice and flung his own bolt of energy at her, just grazing her side.
Flame erupted from Chiselles blade as she moved over to the prone dwarf and mercilessly she thrust her sword into his chest, melting its way through his armour and piercing into his flesh. The dwarf quivered a few moments before the illusion disappeared.
The disarmed dwarf, seeing Chiselle had finished off her quarry, began to conjure more blue energy.
Quickly, Sarah pressed her hand to Beatrice’s side, her hand glowed white as the wound was completely removed.
Chiselle turned and began to rush at the dwarf, lifting her sword to her side, but she was too late, as the dwarf released the ball of energy less than a meter and a half away into her chest, knocking her back and rending her armour.
Beatrice spoke in the ancient sorcerers tongue and wove her hands as the dwarf rushed to grab his hammer. Sarah rushed over to her fallen comrade and pressed both hands to her exposed and scarred chest. The dwarf rushed towards Sarah and Chiselle and just before he reached them, Chiselle grabbed Sarah and turned them both over as the dwarf swung his hammer, hitting Chiselle’s stomach and making her flop back to the ground.
The dwarf lifted his hammer up but dropped it as he grimaced in pain, within moments only his armour and hammer remained. Sarah paused a moment before continuing healing Chiselle with both hands. A frog leaped out of the dwarves armour then disappeared.
It took a minute for Chiselles wounds to fully heal, but immediately after she stood.
“Thanks.” She said, picking up her sword and walking to the dwarf ensnared by the white glowing energy Beatrice had cast. Chiselle lifted her sword and thrust it into the prone dwarf, making it quiver a few moments before it too disappeared.
“Umm… Chiselle…” Sarah said shyly, pointing at Chiselle’s exposed chest.
Beatrice walked over to Chiselle and lifted her hands but then paused. Chiselle rolled her eyes and took Beatrice’s hands, placing them over her breasts. Awkwardly Chiselle’s armour began to close up, steel conjured out of nothing took the place of where it would have been before it was shredded by the spell. As soon as Chiselle’s armour was repaired Beatrice quickly removed her hands away and looked down, blushing.
“Did you enjoy it?” Chiselle asked, smirking.
“Of course not!” Beatrice exclaimed, blushing furiously.
Sarah started giggling. Chiselle put her hand on Beatrice’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry about it. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like. Let’s continue, shall we?”
The team walked forward a few meters through the forested area and came to a path that split 3 ways.
“Hmm.” Came Chiselle.
“Three ways, 3 of us. I think we should split. Beatrice you take the middle, that way you can send messages to us so we can still communicate.”
“You sure you’ll be ok?”
“I may not be able to defeat dwarves, but I can avoid them. Don’t worry if I need help I’ll shoot up a flare.
“Alright, sounds like a plan. Let’s go.” Chiselle said, sticking her hand out. Beatrice took hold of Chiselles hand, and then Sarah placed her hand on top.
“Good luck, you two” Chiselle said.
“You as well.” Sarah and Beatrice said simultaneously. Sarah and Beatrice shared a look and smiled at each other before breaking off.
Chiselle walked down the path casually but quickly making her way. The path turned and twisted for a few minutes.
“Chiselle, I came to a door. It has two keyholes in it. I talked to Sarah first; she said the keys are probably down the other paths. I’m gonna catch up with her in case she needs help.” Came Beatrice’s voice from nowhere. Chiselle nodded and continued on her way.
Another minute of traveling and Chiselle came to a pedestal. Sword raised she looked about but saw no sign or ambush or living creatures. Cautiously Chiselle crept up to the pedestal and saw tiles each with numbers on them. She signed and she slouched a little disappointedly.
Chiselle slid her sword in her scabbard and lifted her arm up, sending a bolt of fire up into the air.
“If you need help, send another fire bolt, if you have the key send a different kind of bolt.”
Chiselle shot another fire bolt into the air.
“I’m on my way.”
Within moments, Beatrice appeared before Chiselle and looked around.
“It’s a puzzle.” Chiselle said flatly.
“Right…” Beatrice approached the pedestal.
“Ahh, I think I’ve seen something like this.” Immediately she began placing tiles on the pedestal and as she placed the last tile, the pedestal burst into dust and a key fell to the ground. Beatrice picked it up and held it up in front of her.
“Got it.”
“Good. Ask Sarah if she needs help.”
Beatrice nodded and closed her eyes for a moment. A few moments a white flash erupted into the air a few hundred meters away.
“Either she’s done or really close so let’s get going down the middle path.”
Chiselle and Beatrice jogged down the winding path for a minute then were at the crossroads and immediately turned to go up the middle path. Within a few moments they came upon the large wall and the large double doors.
Moments later Sarah came running up behind them and then put her hands on her knees and bent down panting.
“Guys… I was… thinking…” Sarah managed to say between pants.
“Catch your breath then tell us.”
Sarah stood bent over as she panted for a few more moments then stood up straight.
“I was thinking… 2 keys? Everything… is done in triples. So… one of us has to do something to open the door.”
“Like what?” Chiselle asked
“I don’t know. A spell maybe.” Beatrice offered.
“You can unlock doors, right?” Sarah asked, looking towards Beatrice.
“So it’s like another form of key. I think we should do it simultaneously, just to make sure.”
Chiselle and Beatrice shrugged and Chiselle held out her hand to Beatrice. Beatrice put the key in Chiselles hand. Chiselle and Sarah approached the door and paused a moment in front of it then slid the keys in.
“On 3.“ Chiselle said. “1… 2…3” Simultaneously Sarah and Chiselle turned the keys as Beatrice wove her hands quickly. A moment later the door began to slowly open.
Chiselle and Sarah hugged each other as Betrice came up to them and they put their arms around her as well, embracing until the doors were wide enough to walk through, reveal a set of stairs beyond.
They all began to walk up the stairs and met Mr. Nolan, one of the instructors. A surprised look appeared on his face as he glanced down to his clipboard.
“You passed. Congratulations. And almost in record time.”
“Almost record time?” Beatrice asked.
“If you had finished just 5 seconds sooner, you’d have tied the school record for this exam. Very impressive, considering very few even pass this exam.”


Chiselle, Sarah, and Beatrice stood out in the field they had stood on their first day, along with all the first year students. The students gossiped amongst themselves until a blue robed instructor walked up to the podium and spoke.
“Calm down please. Quiet. Quiet everyone. Can I have your attention? Quiet please.” He cooed the crowd as the gossip slowly quieted down until the air became silent.
“The faculty would like to congradulate the Roselli triplets, Sarah Birmingham, Chiselle Hawthorne, and Beatrice Staddlemirefor passing their first exam. With special note to Sarah’s team for finishing just a mere 5 seconds shy of the school record.”
A mild applause erupted from some of the students which died as quickly as it came.\
“Those that were just mentioned, if you would please go to your dorms. Since you passed the exam you don’t need to be here.”
The 3 girls looked at each other for a few moments, then shrugged their shoulders and walked their way to their dorm.
As they entered their room, Sarah ran up to her bed and flopped on it and let out a deep, relaxed sigh.
Beatrice and Chiselle smiled at the little girl as they entered, both going to their respective beds. Without flopping on her bed, Chiselle began removing her armour.
Chiselle made quick work of her armour as Sarah got up from her bed and collected one of her books and started reading as she returned to her bed.
With her armour off, Chiselle unwove her braid and began to brush her hair.
“Another date?” Sarah asked
“Yeah.” Chiselle replied.
“When do we finally get to meet this boyfriend of yours?” Beatrice inquired
Chiselle paused for a few moments and she focused on removing her armour.
“I don’t know. Right now we’re just… getting to know each other really so we’ll see. If things really start to get serious then… maybe then you’ll meet him.”
Sarah picked up one of her pillows and tossed it at Chiselle, who turned to the young sorceress.
“It’s ok to be jealous. You’ll find a boyfriend, just gotta let it happen.” She replied with a smirk.

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