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I am officially out of the closet :D - Gay Guys! <3

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I just told everyone I am GAY! Friends were ok with the idea.. Parents almost ok ) But I'm sooo happyyyy!!! Next step... BOYFRIEND! Can't wait!!!

Where can I find gay guys my age? In Romania are pretty hard to find

Have a great day

Hugzzz :* X


it's not true Flaviu...
there are many nice boys in Romania that don't know gay love...
go on... when you like one, make him understand! gently of course...
best for you


Congrats Flaviu, thats great u did it, hopefully u feel better about urself cause at the end of the day thats all that matters very happy for u jov, hope u find a great guy who treats u right


Yes a vary,vary,well done to you,
for coming OUT.from all of us all.
Tommy lol xxxxxx


Wishing you all the very Best with coming out Flaviu. Mix with positive poeple that are more tolarate and understand. It is scarey coming out but in the end you feel a better person for doing that because you never have to hide your feelings nor tell stories which are sometime not completely true. Congratulations on you Coming Out. I wish you all the very best in an exciting time in your life full of wonderful and often scarey adventures in life. live every day to the full and enjoy every day. Warmest of Hugs ...Eddy Ja :-)

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