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The Wisdom Of Age - JUST FOR FUN

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A little old lady was stopped by the police.
Little Old Lady - "Is there a problem, officer?"
Officer - "Yes, madam. I'm afraid to say that you seem to have been driving at an excessive speed."
L.O.L. - "Ah, I see."
O. - "Can I see your driver's licence, please?"
L.O.L. "Well, I'd be happy to give it to you, but I don't have one."
O. - "You don't have one?"
L.O.L. - "No. I lost it 4 years ago for drunk driving."
O. - "I see. May I have your immatriculation papers?"
L.O.L. - "I don't have them either."
O. - "Why?"
L.O.L. - "Because I stole this car."
O. - "You stole it?"
L.O.L. - "Yes, and I killed the owner."
O. - "You did What?"
L.O.L. - "The body parts are in plastic bags in the truck if you want to see them."

The officer takes a long look at the Little Old Lady and slowly walks back to his cruiser. Once there, he immediately calls for help. After a few minutes, 5 police cars have encircled the L.O.L.'s car. A sergent slowly approaches the car with his gun drawn.

Sergent - "Madam, would you kindly step out of the vehicule?"
L.O.L. "Of course, officer. Is there a problem?"
S. - My collegue tells me that you have stolen this vehicle and that you have killed its owner."
L.O.L. "Killed the owner. Are you serious?"
S. - "Yes. Would you please open the trunk of the car?" (The L.O.L. opens the trunk which is completely empty.)
S. - "Is this your vehicule, madam?"
L.O.L. "Of course! Here are the registration papiers." (The first officer is completely surprised.)
S. - My collegue also tells me that you do not have a driver's permit." The L.O.L. rummages in her handball, finds her permit and hands it to the sergent who examines it attentively.
S. - "Thank you madam. But I am a bit confused, because the first officer told me that you did not have a permit, that you had stolen this vehicule and that you had murdered the owner."
L.O.L. - "What a liar! I'll bet that he also told you that I was speeding!"

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