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catatonic synchronicity;
the mind is a turbulent
(time bomb)
empty stares, on empty walls.
uncertainty smells
of a dreaded fear.
emptiness is the sound of ocean waves;
once pleasurable, now seems worthless...
emptiness is coming to the realization
that nothing matters - when gratification
loses its meaning, and things are laid
bare, as it is, an endless drone -
emptiness is when rage finally
makes sense...
and gives way to a whole new clarity,
a whole new outlook to life.
deep down, in the core of it all,
emptiness is when you're completely
still deep inside, but constantly,
frantically moving to the beat of chaos,
looking for something to hold on to -
dangling at the edge of a cliff.

i am not what you are like
the sweetness of spring's early sunrise
i drink from the fountain of bitter fire
where my muse springs forth with her earthly lyre

i am not what you are like
the gentle smile of the wind
(dancing freely into the ether)
gracefully, fruitfully, touching
in tender touches
of i am neither

i am not what you are like
the witch of my desire
(i find myself to
yearn and be so near;
vexed by mortal liar's

i am not what you are like
nature's untamed sprite
run - run - run free, dearly
i, the monster with a rabid dog's bite

i am not what you are like
my dearly beloved, not what you are
as here i stand quietly
admiring you from afar

i am not what you are like
you, i carry in my heart, not i like you
you, mine eye's, eternally

i want to burn into the sunlight
where flightless wings go
and collide into a meteorite
of all the things i've reaped and sow'd

i want to rip into my heart
to watch it bleed and ceaslessly pump
knowing my pain lies there
readily i await for it to depart

i want to shovel into my mind
crack it hard as i may please
it gives me thoughts, maddening ones
i drearily hate the tease

i want to reach into my soul
ask it why, say it isn't so
why i'd rather burn into the sunlight
where flightless hearts dare not go
A thousand thundering footsteps -
a thousand of each that rapped shatteringly to the beat
of Taiko drums beat, beat, beat to an invisible war.

These steps followed into a corridor illuminated
with the shimmer of a thousand glimmering stars
from ravaged windowsills. Faceless shadows danced
in a blunder against torn walls; walls that breathed and cried tears
of red paint, walls that at one point held tender memories of its tenants.

One by one these walls crumbled, taking the myriad
of silhouettes down with it. One by one, with a thousand thundering
footsteps, silence fell indefinitely. One by one, bodies launched itself
unto a free fall dive towards the bottom - faceless martyrs
running to the beat of Taiko drums, beat, beat, beat to an invisible war.
Filling the ground with red paint and the silent cries of a revolution.


This is a masterpiece - a sad one


I've had my days it seems. I'm glad you read my ramblings... =]


oh you write such beautiful prose.... :]

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