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How can I find a boyfriend in a country where gays are hated? - Gay Guys! <3

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I live in Romania and I am very scared of telling my parrents and friends about my sexuality because they will hate me.
How can I find a boyfriend, have a little gay fun without anyone knowing?

Additional info:

I am 17 yo
I'm bi
I had a girlfriend and had sex with her
We broke up because I felt it wasn't working mainly because I liked boys more
I never had gay sex or a boyfriend
My favourite type of porn is Gay porn
I am both bottom and top
I am shy
Im into boys from 15 to 19yo


this is alway to tell your mum or dad


The only real option you'd have is to find someone online through a dating site, though I don't think ur old enough since ya usually have to be 18, also dating sites can be dangerous if you're not careful.

You could feel out your friends and family to find which are open minded enough to talk to about this, that would be your best shot at finding someone locally.

You might also be able to look online or ask around to find places where (gay) guys usually hang around, like gay bars or clubs, ect...

Might be a little riskier but you could talk to your school councilor about this, they aren't likely to hook you up, lol, but they might be able to introduce you to others in your school who are gay, not sure if that's really an option, but it seems reasonable, lol.


Just hang in there.Eventually you'll find someone and your family will not hate you.They my not agree with the life decison you have made but I pretty sure they'll still love you even if they will show it in a funny or negative way


Only tell your parents if you think they're open to it, in any case be sure to have a back up in place. As in a place to stay in case the worst should happen, not that it will, but better to be safe than sorry.


I have a question about something that nobody else seems to have noticed.

I never had gay sex or a boyfriend (quote)

If you have never had gay sex as you say, how can you say that you are both TOP AND BOTTOM?

I am both bottom and top


Haha! @JimBond
Well, I tried in different ways )
Dildo shaped stuff.. ' )


Just be yourself and be happy


It is a shame that you cannot
hop over the Border,to Bulgeria ??.

I understand that there are one or
two Gay Bar`s,in the City of VARNA ...............

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