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Hold the Day - Your WRITES

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I secretly yell these words I speak
Trying to show you why I am weak

I have held, hugged and love you
I am confused, do not know what to do

Uncharted feelings I contain are deep within
Never can express these feelings Im feeling

My heart screams for you all day
Yet the "world" pushes you away

My emotions are in utter pain
Im speaking but do not know if gain

I speak my truths in these "oh so" poem
For I stutter that I cannot fully show them

Speaking has never been a strong forte
I am giving myself all away

I deeply love you, I will never let go
Writing something to let you know

Begging you speak the words that do not lie
I hold the day to, again, call you mine


Amanda , finally I get to read your work , n this is really an amazing work ! ! ! *LOVE IT* ! ! !


Really? I have been writing like this for 8 years and I see how I progressed. I was actually nervous putting the poem on here.


Your poem is written w 2 lines in each paragraph. You must have accumulated enough feelings to write this poem. I can see why you are nervous though as this is your masterpiece When I first post my work , I was really excited too lol Now I still feel same .. x^______________^x


I feel a lil better knowing I posted this poem. I'm just afraid that someone may steal this poem....


Good work Amanda, bravo, and here, no one will steal this poem and timed and dated it for you with your name so its your poem, you wrote it, and whoever trys to steal it can kiss my ass.

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